‘Unexpected’ Hypocrite Jason Korpi Makes Fans Want To Kick His A**

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Unexpected star Jason Korpi has a lot of fans’ feathers ruffled. He has said and done a lot of disrespectful things to his girlfriend Kylen Smith. Now they are calling the teen dad out on a hypocritical action he did in the most recent episode involving Kylen and family.

Jason’s Unexpected History Of Calling The Shots

From day one, it was all about Jason telling Kylen what to do. He was in control of her birth plan as he felt he knew what was best. In reality, he just wanted the one where he would be able to control the process. He did not believe a hospital birth would allow him to have a say at all. As for Kylen, she really wanted a hospital birth as she felt it was safer. It did not matter because she deferred to Jason all of the time. Soon enough, Kylen was in labor and they headed to the birthing center. The midwives quickly saw it was not going to be a smooth process as Kylen declined a cervical exam. Jason clearly did not understand what was necessary for a proper birth.


She was eventually facing exhaustion from long labor so they wanted to give her IV fluids which Jason, again, declined. It was determined Kylen needed to go to the hospital but Jason did not believe she was really in labor. He felt labor was when the water broke but producers informed him it was when contractions began. At the hospital, they felt an epidural was necessary as Kylen was so worn out. It was a safe way for her to deliver safely and she finally gave in, defying Jason. He got so riled up over it that it got him removed from the hospital. This made him so mad that he immediately called his daddy for help. Interestingly enough, the whole season he refused to let Kylen see her parents because he thought they treated her like a child.

The Hypocrisy Of It All

Kylen did not think it was quite right that Jason kept her from her parents. He maintained that they treated her like a child. Plus he would rather hang out with his friends as he felt his time was limited with them. Now fans are fuming with Jason since he would not let Kylen be with her parents yet his were the first call he made when he got thrown out of the hospital. They took to Reddit to express their frustration. “Tells kylen she shouldn’t see her parents bc they’re adults now then calls his daddy to talk to the security guard for him,” the thread started.


Another added: “Yep, his go to response is to call daddy when something doesn’t go his way I can promise you this was pattern all his life. Daddy running interference and insuring Jason gets his way.” It was followed up with this: “His parents have done a crap job at disciplining him. They obviously walk on eggshells around him.” Several fans ignored the initial post to simply say that they wanted to harm Jason while others blamed his parents for enabling him all of his life. It is interesting how he suddenly needed them when push came to shove. Shows how valuable they really are and why Kylen wanted hers around during this experience.

Do you agree this action was hypocritical? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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