‘Unexpected’ SPOILER: Why Was Jason Korpi Removed From The Hospital

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Unexpected fans have come to expect that Jason Korpi will consistently make their blood boil. Especially since his girlfriend Kylen Smith went into labor. So why exactly was he removed from the hospital when she was giving birth? He was literally just being himself.

Kylen Goes Into Labor On Unexpected

When Kylen and Jason were working on their birth plan, he was adamant that they have a home birth. He believed it would allow him to be more hands-on and control the process. However, Kylen felt more comfortable with a hospital birth. He had been so controlling over what she did with this birth, she conceded. Additionally, there were to be no drugs when it came to the labor. Eventually, Kylen started to have contractions at forty-one weeks so they went to the birthing center. He would not let them perform a cervical exam so there was no telling how far along she was. As time passed, she was not making progress but was in increasing pain. At one point, he was seen eating as she sat in the tub with contractions.


The midwives felt it was time to give her fluids as she was facing exhaustion but he said no. It came to the point where she needed to go to the hospital but he did not feel she was in labor. To him, it was only labor when the water breaks. Finally, they headed to the hospital where it was determined the only way she could deliver the baby safely was with an epidural. Jason did not want this and fought against it. Kylen stood up for herself with the staff reminding him the baby was in her body. That was when it took a turn.

Jason’s Exit

Kylen knew she needed an epidural in order to have Xavier safely. She had not slept in over a day and needed to get some rest to be able to push. Ultimately, she told Jason she was taking a stand and doing what was best for her. In his mind, the baby was going to be born hooked on drugs. He was livid she had betrayed him but to the staff, he was causing way too much stress for the delivering mother. They wanted to create calm and peace. It was explained if he did not calm down, he would have to leave. When that did not happen, they called security. He was soon told he would be escorted out.


Jason said he would be right outside the door but they said he would be leaving the building or they were calling the police. He immediately called his dad. His father had hoped he would have learned by now while his mother understood him. She knew if there was something impacting the baby, he would of course stand up to it. He was escorted out and in the confessional blamed Kylen. Jason let her know she was the one responsible for this mess and used other expletives toward her. Though she said he was her support, the hospital staff disputed it.

Do you think he should have been removed? Watch it go down tonight on Unexpected on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. The absolutely should have been removed and then her mother should have been called to comfort her. He is crazy.

    1. That kid is terrible and I am so glad they finally kicked him out! He is very verbally and emotionally abusive to this girl. She has mixed feelings because she has been so brainwashed that she is in fear of him. Her Mother should be called to support her now that ignorant guy is out.

  2. Yes, I think it is very necessary for kylen to get an epidural. Whether Jason doesn’t want her to or better words for it is.. he’s refusing to Let it happen. But at this point this IS and ALWAYS has been about her and the baby because she’s the one who is carrying and was carrying him full term. It’s her body and HER DECISION! His controlling, manipulative, mentally abusing the mother of their child. That is unacceptable and she NEEDS to stand up for herself regardless, he is not good for her at ALL BECAUSE of the disrespect and not being a partner like a real understanding and caring father should be. I’m so OveR HeR Not StAndInG Up For HERSELF!

  3. He is an absolute jerk and has been during her entire pregnancy. This girl needs to get a backbone very quickly. As a couple, I don’t think they will ever be a success. He exerts far too much control and refuses to consider any opinion but his. So sad.

  4. He is controlling and verbally abusive. Her body her call. Kyle. needs to open her eyes and stand up for herself.

  5. He is such a controlling narcissist!! So proud that Kylen stood up for herself in the end. That poor girl needs to get away from him as soon as possible, it’s definitely not going to end well for her!

  6. This guy is so full of himself and he thinks his opinion is the only one that matters. After watching him bully Kylen this whole season I was DONE with him. I believe he is the most hated guest that has ever been on this show. If they are still on after the birth of the baby and Jason is still being an arrogant little prick and abusive to Kylen I will stop watching the show. I’ve never missed an episode but i can’t stomach his ass.

  7. I think this show should be shut down. Filming and then airing the abuse of this young lady. The parents of Jason should hang their heads in shame watching the abusive spoiled child they raised. It sickens me to watch this child suffer at the hands of this abuser, and people stand by filming it and allowing it to happen. Instead of stepping in and trying to get this girl help you filmed and exploited her abuse. Shame on you all. If the law allows there should be charges for not protecting her and her baby.

  8. Tlc needs to get this girl some support instead of capitalizing on it.. This just triggers me because I have been in a relationship similar to this. It was a horrible experience and when you are young you think your stuck since they now have a kid together. I wish I could have a little chat with her, she needs to know she is not alone. So sad. I wish her parents would just drag her out and put a restraining order on him. They are being to nice in this situation. He will ruin her if she stays.

  9. I am a fan of the the show “Unexpected,” however, I have to agree with the others that it is sad that TLC is not looking out for Kylen and her baby’s wellbeing. She has been broken down emotionality and abused. Though Jason’s parents admit he’s a jerk it’s not enough she needs a place where she can think and speak freely. She is still considered a child. Shame on Jason!

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