Becca Tilley Details Relationship, How She Labels Her Sexuality

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After revealing her four-year relationship with singer Hayley Kiyoko, The Bachelor alum Becca Tilley is in the spotlight. The two have been receiving a huge outpouring of love and support. Becca is opening up more about how hard and fast she fell for Hayley and also if she identifies as a lesbian. Keep reading to find out more.

Does Becca Tilley label herself as a lesbian?

US Weekly shared what Becca Tilley had to say about coming out and sharing that Hayley Kiyoko is her girlfriend. Becca said she didn’t really keep her relationship with Hayley a secret. She simply kept it private.

Becca said, “I’ve always said, ‘I’ll go public — we can go public if I can be in one of your videos, like, be the video girl.’ And I’m not an actress and she always hires actors, like, legit actresses. And so she was always like, ‘OK.’” She continued, “And I just was kind of like, ‘I think I’m ready, like, I think it’s time.’ For four years, you know, it’s been our relationship.”

As far as how Becca labels her sexuality, she doesn’t call herself a lesbian. Her sisters are not attracted to men at all and never have been. Becca has been attracted to men in the past, Chris Soules being one of them.

She goes on to say that Hayley is the first woman she’s been attracted to.

She fell fast

Becca also details when she met Hayley and how she fell hard and fast. She said, “The night we met she was like, ‘Is Becca into girls?’ And [our friend] was like, ‘No, but her sister is.’ We were really pushing to set her up with my sister.”

Becca says she didn’t worry about being rejected because she knew Hayley liked her. Ultimately she was the one who made the first move.

Becca said, “We had been drinking. It’s, like, 2 a.m. at this point. And we went back to [our friend’s] house, and everyone was, like, walking down the stairs.” She continued, “And I actually, I pulled her back, and I kissed her. And she still says to this day, ‘I never would have made the first move, like, there’s just no way.’”

She also shared that they both knew they wanted to be with each other. She said they fell in love very fast.

Thankful for support

One thing Becca was not expecting is how accepting and supportive everyone has been. She is thankful for all the love she and Hayley have been receiving.

Alums and fans have been nothing but supportive. Hayley was right in saying that fans love Becca and just want to see her happy.

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