Becca Tilley Shares Heartfelt Message To Girlfriend

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The Bachelor alum Becca Tilley sends a heartfelt message to her girlfriend after going public with their romance. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Love after The Bachelor

Earlier this week, Becca Tilley made headlines when she went public with her new romance. Bachelor Nation alums having new loves always grabs attention. However, in Tilley’s case, not only is she in a new relationship, it is with another woman.

Becca Tilley compted on not one, but two, seasons of The Bachelor. When she didn’t find love with Chris Soles, she returned the next season for another shot at love with Ben Higgins.

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While she didn’t get either’s final rose, she did briefly date another Bachelor Nation alum, Robert Graham. The two split after a year of dating.

Now she’s dating pop singer Hayley Kiyoko. Perhaps most shockingly, they were able to keep their relationship private for four years!

“3rd time’s the charm,” Tilley wrote on Twitter after going public with the romance.

Becca Tilley shares heartfelt message to girlfriend

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Becca Tilley took to her Instagram to share her thoughts. First, she thanked Bachelor Nation fans for their love and support.

She also gave a shoutout to those in her life who knew about her relationship with Kiyoko and didn’t clue the media in.

However, Becca saved her most heartfelt words for her girlfriend. “Hayley, thank you for showing me how to be brave,” she began.

She also praised her new love for helping her learn to love herself. In a bit of light humor, Becca joked that she won’t have to avoid using pronouns on her podcast anymore.

That last part is likely a reference to using vague wording for the last four years to keep her relationship under the radar.

Credit: Becca Tilley Instagram

How did her exes react to the news?

We know that Becca Tilley received an outpouring of support from her friends, family, and social media followers. But how did her exes respond? Ben Higgins left the comment, “Love you B!!!!” on Becca’s Instagram post that confirmed her new romance.

Us Weekly reports that Robert Graham dropped several heart emojis on the post, along with the words, “I love this so much.”

What do you think about Becca Tilley’s heartfelt message to her girlfriend Hayley Kiyoko? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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