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Fans Can’t Help But Compare Kody Brown To One Sitcom Character

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Kody Brown might be the star of his very own TLC show, but fans can’t help but compare him to another popular TV character.

After 16 seasons on the air, Sister Wives viewers watched Kody Brown develop from a devoted family man to an aloof shell of his former self. Viewers know that Kody used to be much more jovial when the show first aired, but that was so long ago.

On one Reddit, one new Sister Wives viewer admitted that Season 1 Kody Brown reminded them of a character from The Office. Keep reading to find out more.

Fans think Kody Brown takes after this iconic sitcom character

When Sister Wives first premiered, TLC was still trying to find its footing with the show. After 16 seasons, they finally found their groove. But parts of the freshman season were definitely a little awkward to watch. And that’s what a recent Reddit thread tackles.

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“First time watcher: Kody gives me major Office Season 1 Michael Scott vibes,” the original Reddit user wrote. “Watching the show for the first time. In the first episode, the camera-work, lower quality, and Kody’s overall personality give me major vibes of the first season of The Office. Kody thinks he is funny and awesome when he’s not, and seems to lack self-awareness. Watching him go around the house introducing everyone feels just like Michael giving a tour of the office.”

The rest of the Reddit thread readily agreed with the OP.

“Yes!! Like his opening line in the car about liking marriage so much he is a repeat offender is total Michael Scott vibes! Haha,” wrote another Sister Wives fan.

The Office/NBC

Like Michael Scott, many viewers felt that Kody Brown just seems so out of touch with the rest of his family in the beginning.

But The Office has delighted fans and made them laugh for years. People aren’t really laughing at Sister Wives these days.

The breakdown of the Sister Wives family

The Brown family has been breaking down for years. In the beginning, it really seemed like everyone genuinely tried to make the polygamist lifestyle work. But once Robyn came into the mix, the family definitely started to break down. Kody Brown began to devote most of his time to Robyn and it pushed his other wives away.

Ultimately, Christine ended up leaving the family in 2021. Some others think that Janelle and Meri may follow suit before long.

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