Kody Brown Blunt On Failed Marriages, Another Gone? [Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Kody Brown Blunt On His Failed ‘Marriages’, Another Gone?

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Kody Brown is getting blunt on his failed marriages. Has another wife left the Brown family? In November 2021, Christine Brown was the first one who made the difficult decision to leave her husband. Rumors have been swirling that Janelle Brown could be the one who’s next.

Kody Brown dishes up marriage advice on Cameo

Kody Brown has a Cameo page, where he charges fans $99 for personal video messages. He used to rave about polygamous marriage. That wasn’t the case when his marriages started to fall apart. Kody has talked about the pains of polygamy on the TLC series, Sister Wives.

He doesn’t have anything positive to say about it on Cameo either. Kody Brown used to maintain that he could bring balance to his family. But, he failed his family both as a husband and a father. In recent years, he’s been off his game when it came to his four wives. Each of his marriages has crumbled in some way or another.

Kody Brown Struggles With Marriage [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Did another wife leave the Brown family?

In recent weeks, fans wondered if another wife has left the Brown family. Christine ended her 25-year marriage to Kody Brown. She returned to Utah where she lives a new life. Fans are wondering who is next to leave the family.

They originally assumed that Meri Brown would be the one to leave. However, she feels that she should stay despite her strained relationship with Kody. She can’t see herself being away from the family. Being in a polygamous family actually makes her happy even though she doesn’t have a romantic relationship with Kody.

Kody Brown & Wives On Sister Wives Tell-All [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
Kody Brown sparked the divorce rumors with his return to Cameo. He admitted that there is still trouble with the rest of his marriages. It all started when an SW fan asked for marital advice.

“If you string mine out, next to each other, I’ve got nearly 100 years of experience in marriage,” Kody Brown joked, per The Overtimer.

He admitted that he’s had a “few failures here and there.” This led fans to wonder if there is trouble in paradise. They were also surprised that Kody Brown would admit to his own failures. He often blames his wives for their crumbling relationships.

Kody Brown Talks Marriage [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Kody is still struggling with polygamous marriage

In another video, Kody Brown gave marital advice this time around. He said that communication is important in any marriage. The reality star feels that even if you have to force it out of someone, it can help. Kody said that a marriage without communication won’t survive.

“At least mine haven’t,” he noted. Fans are wondering if this means another wife has left him. Janelle has been traveling the world in recent weeks, leaving some to wonder if she’s next. What are your thoughts on Kody Brown’s marital advice? Do you think another wife left him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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