‘Unexpected’: Alex Wilson Makes Time For New Baby


Unexpected has really been focused on the drama between Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith this season. Cast members such as Emersyn Potter, Lilly Bennett, and Jenna Ronan still have a strong presence. Yet the rest seemingly pop in and out here and there. One couple that recently made a comeback was Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson. How have they been doing and what is going on with his pregnant ex? Read on to find out more.

Alex Wilson Makes An Unexpected Mistake

Along with his pregnant teen girlfriend, Tyra, Alex joined the series in Season 3. She was excited about the journey since her sister and cousin were also teen mothers. They had grown up together and were super close so they wanted their kids to follow in their footsteps. Tyra welcomed their daughter Layla and then went off to college. They co-parented but fans felt she was not trying her hardest when it came to the relationship, especially when Alex was practically raising Layla. Yet it was Alex who proved to be unfaithful right after they bought a house together. When this came out, social media went crazy on him. They could not believe he would do this to Tyra and their baby girl. Tyra asked them to leave him and his new lady love alone as she was moving on, as well.


She just wanted to be happy and the drama was not part of the equation. Fast forward to Season 5 and Tyra had even more on her plate. Her younger sister, Tiarra was expecting her second baby. The same went for their cousin Taylor but the expectant moms were also embroiled in a dispute over a nursery. Tyra tried to play mediator but she knew she had her own stuff to handle. Alex had moved back in with her. As she shared recently, he had also moved back into their bed. He was not totally out of the doghouse as their time apart and his infidelity led to a major bombshell.

Bringing Up Baby

Two names floated around when it came to the women that Alex was with. There was Hanna and there was Melissa. In the end, he did father a baby with another lady. He noted he was unsure when the baby was due or how far along his second baby mama was. Alex actually deferred to Tyra for the answers. Now it looks like the baby has arrived and it seems to be a baby boy. The mother, Hanna, shared pics of Alex with their son on her Instagram story.


She blocked out the baby’s face while Alex was holding him but it was still extremely cute. In a second photo, Alex was holding his phone and his son. Above the photo, it said “back to ky he goes” with a sad face emoji next to it. No word on how old the baby is but it is good to see Alex participating in his son’s life.

Are you happy to see Alex involved with his child? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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