Kody Brown Berated For Disrespecting Axel On Big Day

Kody Brown from TLC

Fans are dragging Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown yet again. They feel he’s slighted his oldest grandchild, Axel, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday. Many other members of the Brown family happily marked the birthday milestone. But fans aren’t at all happy with the way Kody handled things.

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Kody Brown snubs his oldest grandchild on his fifth birthday

Axel’s mother Maddie Brush paid a sweet, emotional tribute to her son on Instagram. Likewise, Maddie’s mother Janelle Brown also penned a kind note to her grandson on his birthday. And yet, Kody Brown was noticeably silent.

Axel Brush may be the patriarch’s first grandchild and only grandson, but it doesn’t seem like Kody cared enough to make any sort of post. However, this doesn’t really come as a surprise for most Sister Wives fans.

Kody Brown/TLC

Janelle also didn’t include Kody in her own birthday shoutout to Axel and fans took notice.

Does your husband, his grandfather, Kody EVER visit [sic] them…..go on vacation with them, spend any time with them??? Or just you?” one follower wrote on Janelle’s post. 

“yes, grandpa nowhere [sic] to be found. Sad,” wrote someone else.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Over the years, Sister Wives fans noticed that Kody Brown really only seems interested in developing a life with his fourth wife, Robyn. He pays a lot of attention to her children but doesn’t seem to want much to do with his family from his other wives.

Sadly, it might not matter to Kody that Axel is the oldest grandchild and just celebrated a birthday.

The family patriarch doesn’t spend much time with his extended family

Now that the older Brown children are grown, many of them moved away from Kody’s house in Arizona. In fact, many believe that’s why he doesn’t visit Axel or his sister Evie. They live with their parents in North Carolina.

But Kody Brown does have money, so why doesn’t he get on a plane to see them? Some Sister Wives fans theorize that Kody will only ever spend time with his grandkids if they come to see him in Arizona.

There’s a Reddit thread that explores this exact idea.

Several Sister Wives fans agree that Kody Brown is really only interested in doing things that are convenient — and that doesn’t include traveling across the country to see his daughter and grandchildren.

Do you think that Kody Brown doesn’t spend enough time with his children and grandchildren? Be sure to let everyone know what you think in the comments.
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  1. Most is a selfish, self centered, narcissist. He truly has no ability to care about anyone other than himself. Janelle, is smart and needs to leave like Christine. Meri is a lost cause and Robyn can have him all to herself.

    Lousy husband, lousy father and now lousy grandpa!

  2. Kody does not consider his children with Janelle as his. He always refers to them as Janelle’s kids. He’s too worried about Robyn to go see the rest of his family.

  3. Kody has ALWAYS been a horrible father and Horrible husband. He is only interested in having any kind of relationship with Robyn the whiner/Cryer. They deserve each other. They are both self centered and narcissistic. They care about what they want and that’s it. Kody could care less about the rest of the kids or grandkids and honestly Good riddance, they are better off without him.

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