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The Only Way Kody Brown Will Visit His Grandchildren?

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Kody Brown is not particularly proactive when it comes to seeing his three grandchildren. If anything, the babies have to come to him in Flagstaff. So, what is the one way the father of eighteen will go and actually visit his grandbabies? Redditors have started a thread based on their theories.

Kody Brown Becomes A Grandpa

The one thing that was established in Season 1 of Sister Wives was how Kody loved to be a father. At least he loved having children and babies. In September of 2015, his daughter with Janelle, Maddie announced her engagement to Caleb Brush. It was going to be the first Brown marriage but more than that, Kody just adored Caleb. He had no problem giving his blessing to the happy couple and even planned to officiate the nuptials. In June of 2016, Maddie and Caleb wed in Montana where they were living at the time surrounded by family and friends. Not too long after, they announced they were expecting their first child. Axel was born in 2017 with their second child, daughter Evie K. being born in 2019.

Sister Wives Credit: Maddie Brush Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brush Instagram


About six months after the Brush’s tied the knot, Christine and Kody’s daughter Mykelti married her boyfriend, Tony Padron. They had not been dating for a super long time but felt they were soulmates. The two were together for almost four years before they called the family together for a video chat during the pandemic. They held up a pair of baby shoes and revealed they were expecting their first child. Christine was in Utah for the birth of their baby girl, Avalon Asa in April 2021. Despite the two mothers being very proactive with the grandkids, Kody could seemingly care less.

How Will Kody Visit His Grandkids?

During Season 16, Christine flew to Utah for Mykelti’s baby shower. At the same time, Janelle was in North Carolina for Evie K.’s life-changing first birthday surgery. However, Kody Brown has made virtually no effort to come and see his grandkids. Yes, Maddie and Caleb brought Evie to meet the family after the baby was born but they always have to come to him. Recently, Mykelti was the one who had to travel from Utah to Flagstaff to show off her baby girl to her father. Avalon just turned one on April 5th. Is that the only way for Kody to see them? A Reddit thread has been started to address this after a video was posted from Mykelti’s trip.

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“Does this man only see his kids and grandkids if they come to him?” a Redditor asked. Another noted the reason being is he can’t be too far from Robyn. This does make sense as his son Paedon recently revealed his father is not vaccinated. Therefore traveling may not be the safest thing for him. So this may explain why he had yet to see Avalon since she was a pandemic baby. He also was not pleased when Janelle traveled to NC to be there for Evie’s surgery. She is still quite active in their lives. At this point, he is committed to staying at home so if there are grandkids, it appears they must come to him.

Do you agree Kody Brown only sees his three grandchildren if his kids make an effort to bring them his way? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Kody made a couple trips to NC before and after Evie K. born. Also made trips to Victoria’s Secret w/Robyn and to gun show/shows? recently. I wouldn’t have believed he would be so selfish with his love to certain kids and grandkids until the past two seasons.

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