Janelle Brown Celebrates An Important Family Milestone

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Since Sister Wives debuted on TLC many years ago, fans have really gotten to know the Brown family well. Fans feel really connected to the family since they’ve seen the children grow up and have kids of their own. Now, Janelle Brown is celebrating one very happy milestone.

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Janelle Brown celebrated a family member’s milestone birthday this week

Janelle Brown absolutely loves being a mom, even though she has had a healthy working career too. Now that most of her kids are adults, she’s had more time to spread her wings and explore her own interests.

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But she recently had a very happy reason to celebrate.

Maddie Brush is Janelle’s oldest daughter and the only one so far to give her grandchildren. Maddie is the mother of Axel and Evie and fans love watching the little ones grow and play on her Instagram page.

And that’s what makes the latest celebration all the more special. Maddie’s son Axel just turned five years old! The 26-year-old mother shared an emotional tribute to her little boy online with fans. But Janelle wanted to add to the celebration too.

“I can hardly believe this grand baby of mine is 5 years old today! I remember your birth like it was just yesterday. Happy Happy Birthday Axel! Grandma loves you so much ❤️” Janelle wrote. She added several adorable photos of Axel to the post.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Fans can hardly believe that Axel Brush is already five. Janelle Brown is only a grandmother to Axel and Evie for now, but Sister Wives fans really hope that more grandchildren will come in time.

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The Brown family’s grandkids grow up happy and loved

Janelle’s younger grandchild Evie will be three in August. Although Evie has some health issues, she loves to play just like any other child her age.

In an Instagram post, Maddie revealed that Evie has been really obsessed with hair lately. Perhaps little Evie has a career as a hairdresser in her future.

Fans that follow Janelle Brown and Maddie Brush on Instagram can see plenty of photos of the kids as they grow up. In one tender Instagram post, Maddie detailed her favorite parts of motherhood.

“One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing what my kids come up with when they use their imaginations. 💖” Maddie posted on her Instagram page. It’s clear that she learned a lot about being a great parent from her time in the Brown household.

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