‘Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas’ Is Musical Movie

Dolly Parton-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5anWrBFPmY

Dolly Parton’s Mount Magic Christmas is a holiday movie with a Dickens twist. We have all the details, including where you will be enjoying a Holly Dolly Christmas.

What Is Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas About?

Ready for a Holly Dolly Christmas? NBC has you covered this holiday with Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas. According To Deadline, NBC will be airing the Rock Hall of Fame’s new “modern-day musical about the making of a network TV special.”

David Rambo (The Bourbon Kings, Empire) is in charge of writing. He, along with Parton, and Sam Haskell (Christmas On The Square, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings) will executive produce.

Here is the official description of the movie synopsis.

Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas is the frenetic backstage story and delightful on-camera results of Dolly’s desire to uplift an exhausted world’s spirits by sharing the unique “mountain magic” she has always found in and around Dollywood at Christmas.

Throughout the movie’s production numbers and rehearsal chaos, Dolly finds herself taking a private journey into her past, guided by the mysterious appearances of her personal Three Wise Men.

When it’s time for her big special to air live, a renewed and inspired Dolly goes rogue and shows the world that the real magic of Christmas lies in the hearts of the children we all once were, the realization that Christmas is about the people we share it with, and how her faith remains the common thread between Christmases past, present, and future. 

This is going to be a Christmas spectacular, featuring music and song. Dolly knows how to make everything during the holidays feel extra special.

Most of all, her music and songs will bring joy to everyone’s holiday season.

Dolly Parton’s Special NBC Deal

This is a special return to a familiar place. Dolly Parton has recently had Christmas specials on other networks like Netflix but has had a very long history with NBC.

Back in 2015, Parton signed a special deal with the network. This was for a series of television movies. These movies were based on the country superstar’s songs, as well as her stories and her “inspiring life.”

These movies included Coat Of Many Colors, as well a Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love.

Dolly Parton-Dolly Parton-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5anWrBFPmY
Dolly Parton-Dolly Parton-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5anWrBFPmY

NBC Ready For Some Christmas Fun

After years of Hallmark dominating Christmas, in the past few years, networks like CBS, and now NBC wants to get into the holiday fun. Subsequently, the competition for these sorts of movies only seems to grow.

Families enjoy watching holiday movies together for those cozy feels. Moreover, Dolly Parton is a national treasure, appealing to multi-generations.

Are you looking forward to Dolly Parton’s upcoming Christmas movie, Mountain Magic Christmas? NBC will announce a premiere date later in the year.

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