Gwendlyn Brown’s Cry For Help, Shares Mixing Drugs To Feel Better?

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Gwendlyn Brown has been pretty open about her life and what she’s feeling. Growing up in a polygamist family has not always been easy but she seemingly has made it out okay. Now she has posted about medications and she might be taking a joke a tad too far.

Growing Up Gwendlyn Brown

As one of the six children of Christine and Kody, viewers first met Gwen in 2010 when Sister Wives premiered. She was first seen sharing a bunk bed with her siblings. At the time, the original three wives all shared a single home in Utah with the children and Kody. It was great for the kids because they had a true sense of unity. More so, the wives were able to work together as a team. Then, Kody started to court his fourth wife Robyn. She lived five hours away in St. George so he would travel five hours from his family. This was a hard balance so they all helped to move her down the road once an engagement happened.


Once the Browns relocated to Las Vegas and all lived in individual homes, Gwen struggled visibly on the show. She did not want to go on some family trips so asked to stay back. There was some conflict between her and her older brother Paedon. It was later revealed that he had hit her and they are currently not speaking. As for her relationship with her father Kody, it had become increasingly strained during the pandemic. Everyone had seen his favoritism toward Robyn and her kids. However, it grew increasingly worse when he felt Christine was traveling too much so he was never really coming by. Her girls lost respect for their dad and she evolved as a woman, coming out with her girlfriend. She also shared more about her religious beliefs via social media.

Something About Social Media

It is much easier to tell you truth via social media because you can go and hide right after. As part of Gwendlyn Brown’s Instagram bio, she says she has “religious trauma.” It was Paedon who disclosed the status of their relationship as he has been very vocal on TikTok and podcasts. In terms of her sexuality, Gwen has shared what she feels is necessary. She may be engaged as she proposed in a comment on IG but nothing has been confirmed. Her partner did join the family on their Disney World trip recently and seamlessly fit in. Gwen just did a post that is raising eyebrows and for good reason.


She is not feeling well so she did her home remedy of eating three bowls of cereal. Apparently, that can cure a cold but it sadly failed her. So, she shared that she was going to take all of her cold and flu meds plus her antidepressants. She concluded that she would let everyone know how it went. It is unclear exactly what meds she is on but some medications just should not be mixed. Now, she very well could have been joking about all of this and exhausted from feeling so crummy, which is fine. However, joking about mixing medications is really not funny and actually could alarm people.

Do you think Gwen was just being cheeky or is she in need of a check-in? Let us know in the comments.

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