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‘SNL’ Recreates Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Fecal Matter Discovery

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SNL cast members aren’t strangers to addressing some of the more brow-raising moments that occur in pop culture. This week, they took on the public defamation trial against Amber Heard. Keep reading to see how they recreated the discovery of fecal matter in Johnny Depp’s bed as it has been described during the trial.

‘SNL’ Recreation Makes A Point

At a time when there is so much going on in the world, it is nice to have something like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial to shift focus to. While no one wants to admit it, it is nice to unplug from your own problems and look at the dumpster fire in that courtroom. As the news anchor in the SNL skit said, “…isn’t nice to have a news story we can all collectively watch and say: ‘Ooh. Glad it ain’t me’?”

SNL - YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Credit: YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Anyone who has tuned into the trial has listened to stories about a toxic marriage. Much of what has been said in court is truly awful. However, there is no denying that much of it has been shockingly funny too.

From jokes about Depp’s texts to memes referring to the seemingly inevitable “hearsay” objection, what has happened between Depp and Heard in court has been entertaining, to say the least. One of the biggest things people have been talking about is the fact that Heard has been accused of defecating in Depp’s bed during the proceedings. It seems absolutely crazy, barbaric even, and SNL didn’t shy away from it.

Here’s The ‘SNL’ Skit Everyone Is Talking About

Kyle Mooney plays Depp in the skit. During the comedic sketch, Johny and his lawyer talk about the allegation that Amber or one of her friends defecated on his side of the bed.

Heidi Gardner, who was playing the role of Amber’s counsel, tried to object. The judge, played by Cecily Strong, overrules though. “It does sound fun, and this trial is for fun,” she says, which is honestly how the trial has felt thus far.

SNL - Youtube/Saturday Night Live

Credit: YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Then, the jury is directed to a video that was played for the court. In the video, Johnny’s “property manager,” Kenan Thompson, finds the waste in the bed. Thompson is joined by the housekeeper, and the pair go back and forth about who is responsible for cleaning it up. It is absolutely absurd, but it actually has a lot to do with the case in its entirety.

While we all may get a chuckle from it, it was at this moment that Depp says he decided to end the marriage. Amber was upset that Johnny didn’t spend enough time at her birthday party and took revenge by pooping on his side of the bed. She has maintained that one of her animals did it, but the waste was almost the same size as her small dog.

Either way, the SNL cast was able to provide a few more laughs from the whole situation. Watch the sketch below and let us know what you think.

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