Mama June Feared Boyfriend Geno Doak Toward End Of Relationship


The season premiere of Mama June: Road to Redemption aired last night. Viewers got to see what was going on with Mama June Shannon since she’s now sober. They also learned the status of her and Geno Doak’s relationship and it did not look pretty whatsoever.

Mama June’s Search For Love

When viewers first met June Shannon, she was married to Sugar Bear. He was the father to her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo’ Boo Thompson. Together, they were raising her girls and trying to create some semblance of a life together. It was all showcased on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Fans could not look away from the trainwreck of a family in front of them and the hilarity that ensued. Unfortunately, by the end of the four-season run, the couple was facing troubles. Through Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, it was confirmed that Sugar Bear had been unfaithful. The two called it quits and moved on with other partners.


First, Mama went on to have a complete makeover and looked the best that anyone had ever seen her. She soon stepped out with Geno Doak but it all became a disaster. They blew through all of her money on drugs and eventually got arrested. She had alienated her children with Alana moving in with her June’s daughter, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird. Finally, she got sober but was still with Geno. The family attempted to reconcile but he was always a thorn in their sides. It did not seem like much had changed when the show returned.

What About Geno?

Mama June only called late at night when Geno was asleep or passed out. As she shared with a very pregnant Lauryn, he would drink all day, lash out, then fall asleep. He would then claim it would not happen again but it would. Furthermore, he would question who she was on the phone with. That is why she would call at all hours. June requested that Pumpkin come to the courthouse for Geno’s sentencing so she could finally break up with him. If she was in front of law enforcement, he could not hurt her when she told him it was over. Lauryn did just that but when the trial was rescheduled and June did nothing, she was over it.


According to The Sun, these are June’s exact words about Geno: “I don’t know how to walk away from Geno in a safe manner. I hope the judge sees what’s up and makes the decision himself so I don’t have to make that decision and worry about my safety. Because I am kinda scared about how the situation can turn out.” She went home with him and then went MIA, missing the birth of her first grandson. Finally, three weeks later, she contacted producers.


She had been in hiding from Geno, as she finally had the strength to leave him and was staying in a hotel. There is a lot more to the story that will unravel as the season goes on. What did you think about Mama being so scared of Geno but choosing him over her kids? Let us know and watch Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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