Demi Burnett Shares Reasons She Will Never Return To ‘BIP’

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Demi Burnett is one of the most outspoken members of Bachelor Nation. She made history when she got engaged to Kristian Haggerty on the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. During this season she came out as bisexual. That relationship didn’t work out so she tried BIP last summer as well. Demi has recently revealed a diagnosis of Autism and has shared how she is coping with that. Now, she is also revealing that she will never return to the beaches of Paradise. Keep reading to find out her reasons why.

Demi Burnett shares reasons she won’t do BIP again

Demi has no issues saying exactly what she thinks. She doesn’t care how it comes off to other people either. Her latest remarks make her sound a tad arrogant. However, fans love her honest, outspoken attitude. She never sugarcoats anything, including her reasons for saying she will never again appear on Bachelor in Paradise. 

US Weekly shared what Demi had to say about why she won’t grace the beaches of Paradise ever again. Demi said, “I cannot go on Bachelor in Paradise again. No.” She followed up that statement by saying, “Also, I’m way out of their league.”

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Demi went on to say, “I have a podcast going on, and so on my podcast, I feel like I get to make my own show out of it a little bit.”

Last summer, Demi made waves when she wanted to pursue a relationship with Kenny Braasch. Kenny’s now fiance Mari Pepin did not like this at all. In the end, Kenny and Mari made up and Demi was basically kicked to the curb.

Demi Burnett via Instagram
Demi Burnett via Instagram

Is she dating anyone?

Demi revealed she is very single at the moment. She hasn’t been focusing on dating anyone since finding out about having autism. She wants to figure things out before she dives into a relationship.

Demi said, “I haven’t been focusing on dating because I had to figure out everything about myself, understand myself, work on that, healed from trauma, work on where I want to be and you know, just all about Demi.” She continued, “And I feel like that’s what I need to do before I’m ready to start dating, so I’m not there yet.”

She also noted that she has tons of options and is in no way ready to settle down yet.

What do you think about Demi saying she is out of BIP’s league?



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