Below Deck: Gary King, Ashley Marti Hooked Up More Than Once? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

‘Below Deck’: Gary King, Ashley Marti Hooked Up More Than Once?

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Below Deck crew member Gary King made a shocking revelation in a new interview. He admitted that he hooked up with Ashley Marti more than once. There’s been a lot of buzz about a previous episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Ashley and Gary drank too much after a crew outing.

However, Gary drank more than Ashley and doesn’t remember what happened. The fellow crew members moved on from the hot tub to the guest cabin. Gary says he fell asleep, while Ashley claims they hooked up. Fans accused her of sexually assaulting the first mate. Gary insists that she didn’t assault him and that their encounter happened more than once.

Gary King claims Ashley Marti didn’t assault him

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers have stormed all the social media platforms. They’ve also been calling for Ashley Marti’s firing. Some have even taken to the comment section of TV Shows Ace to share their thoughts. They feel that it was rape, but Gary insists that it was just a drunken hookup.

He also admitted this wasn’t the first time it happened. Apparently, it wasn’t shown on this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. For some reason, the producers left that out of the show. Gary suggested that he and Ashley hooked up once before that night happened. However, he didn’t define what he meant by hooking up.

Below Deck Gary King Defends Ashley Marti [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
“Anything I can say, I guess, is that it wasn’t the first time that we hooked up,” Gary said on the Tuesday, May 10 episode of Daisy Kelliher and Alli Dore’s Beneath the Surface podcast. “I would have wished I wasn’t drunk, but I think that people are making a bigger deal out of it than it was.”

He acknowledged the concern he received from fans. While he appreciates it, he wanted to drop it and move on. Gary didn’t think their drunk hook-up was a big deal. But, he did admit that Ashley was very “persistent.”

Below Deck crew members are no longer friends

Even though Gary defended Ashley in lieu of the recent episode, he admitted that they’re no longer friends. He hasn’t talked to her since filming Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Gary admitted that he unfollows a lot of his former crew members if he doesn’t like what he sees on Instagram.

He even admitted that he dislikes Ashley more than he dislikes Sydney Zaruba (Season 2 of BDSY). He even threw digs at Ashley at the start of the interview. Gary pretended that he forgot her name. He also admitted he doesn’t like former deckhand Tom Pearson, who was fired earlier this season.

Below Deck: Gary King Has No Interest In Ashley Marti [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Gary spoke on the immaturity of Tom and Ashley. He couldn’t stand it whenever the two talked about age on the show. Gary compared Ashley to “an 11-year-old girl seeing the first guy she wanted to kiss” and “attack.” Yet, he defended Ashley because she’s a “very young, vulnerable person” who doesn’t understand her actions.

What are your thoughts on what Gary said about Ashley? Why do you think Below Deck left their first hook-up out of the show? Are you surprised to learn that it happened more than once? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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