‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Did Gary Drunkenly Hook-Up With Ashley?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Did Gary Drunkenly Hook-Up With Ashley? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are curious to know if Gary drunkenly hooked up with Ashley. The Monday, April 25, episode has been filled with many questions. The current storyline has been about third stew Ashley Marti and first officer Gary King.

She made it clear that she was interested in him. She would step over any other woman who gets in her way. Ashley also made inappropriate jokes about Gary, leading some to wonder if she took advantage of him.

Ashley Marti admitted she would force Gary to sleep with her

Earlier this month, Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans were outraged when Ashley made a joke that she would force Gary to hook up with her. She’s been throwing herself at him during every crew outing. On the first crew night out, she kissed him. Instead of showing interest back, Gary kissed her enemy, Gabriela Barragan.

This led Ashley to tell her crew members that she would have Gary in bed. She claims that she never loses a man to anyone another woman. However, she also admitted earlier this season that she competed with her sister over guys in high school. Some Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans wonder if her behavior stems from her insecurities.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Ashley Marti [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Others noticed her borderline creepy behavior towards Gary. During one episode, she said that she knows that Gary wasn’t interested in her. However, that wasn’t going to stop her from pursuing things. She joked that if she applied enough “pressure” on him, she might get what she wants.

“If I put enough pressure on that situation, I might get what I want,” she bragged.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans called out Ashley’s comments

Some of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans called out Ashley’s comments during that episode. They took to Twitter to share their disgust. One noted that “pressuring people” into sleeping with them isn’t a joke. Rather “it’s coercion.” Another noted that if a male crew member made the same joke, he would come off as inappropriate.

Another noted that she’s stepping into “harassment territory.” Ashley already hasn’t been a hit with Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers. She’s received criticism over her work ethic and her feud with Gabriela, who left the Parsifal III in the recent episode. Others are sick of hearing that she has the hots for Gary.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Ashley And Gary [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

What happened with Ashley and Gary?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have questions about Ashley’s alleged hookup with an inebriated Gary. Especially after her inappropriate joke from earlier this month. In the latest episode, the crew had a night off and most of them got intoxicated.

That included Gary, who couldn’t even string together a few sentences. He ended up in the hot tub with Ashley. From there, she started giving him a foot massage. Meanwhile, Gabriela and chief engineer Colin MacRae watched them from afar and noticed how “desperate” Ashley came across.

Ashley tried to kiss Gary, but he turned his head away. The two eventually made out and she straddled him in the hot tub. The pair took it to the guest cabins where she wanted to take things to the next level.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew members hook up?

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht producers only shared audio of their alleged tryst. Behind closed doors, Gary tells Ashley that he was only looking for a massage. She apologizes for taking her shirt off. Then, she tells him that she wants him to sleep with her.

Ashley tells Gary that he is “inside” her. Gary wanted her to stop, telling him to get off of her. Ashley refuses, telling him that it was already happening. Gary leaves the cabin and tries to go to his room and go to sleep.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Gary King's Confessional [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers are left confused by what happened. Some think that Ashley took advantage of Gary. Ashley claims they hooked up, while Gary doesn’t remember what happened. While the crew moved on from that night out, it could be brought up in the reunion special.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ashley and Gary hooked up? Do you think she took advantage of him while he was drunk? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Chanel Adams


  1. What she did was R-A-P-E him, if the roles were reversed he would be crucified. No means No!!! He said no he said he didn’t want to have sex. That is not hooking up that is assult.

    1. She RAPED him, he said NO. It was uncomfortable to watch when clearly he said no multiple times to her. Charges should be filed.

  2. It basically sounded like she was stalking him and she raped him. She took advantage of him being drunk. He even told her to get off of him. He told her that he just wanted a massage but instead she waiting for him to be drunk and raped him. It’s rape but unfortunately nothing’s going to happen to her. If this was reverse and he did it to her, not only would be fired he probably be arrested.

  3. She raped him, no other way to spin this. She should be fired and stop showing her on the show. I’m sure Gary wouldn’t pursue charges but if it were the other way around…

  4. Question should be did Ashley sexually assault Gary, because we no if he was the aggressor the narrative would be complete different.

  5. Ashley should be canceled and repercussions should be had. From the documented commemts she has made on the show to the audio from that distrubing night. Ashley is an ABUSER and a RAPIST. Gary may not press charges but the show needs to hold her accountable. Its not funny.

  6. She raped him plain and simple. She took extreme advantage of him even though he said “no”. If the roles were reversed, the producers would have stepped in, woken the Captain, and he’d be led off the boat in handcuffs. Why didn’t they do that to Ashley?

    I don’t get this version of the show. The crew vilified JL for ghosting Dani, but nothing happens to Ashley when she rapes a co-worker? That’s totally inexcusable.

  7. She needs to be held accountable for her behavior with Gary and Gabriela. Daisy did fail her. Ashley gets away with everything because no one wants to take the effort to make her behave or to do her job.

  8. I was extremely disturbed hearing all of Ashley’s comments towards Gary earlier in the season. If she were a male she would have been fired for those kinds of comments and people would be discussing how disgusting it is to hear a man talk about a woman in such an objectifying manner. She clearly has no respect for anyone’s thoughts, opinions, or feelings, but her own. And her comment after Gary said ‘No.’ , saying ‘You’re inside me, it’s too late now.’ absolutely made my skin crawl. Why has no one from the show, or Bravo responded about this situation?? And Andy Cohen doubting Gary when he said he didn’t remember that night really makes me sick. This needs to be addressed and Ashley needs to answer for, and be held accountable for her deplorable behavior. Shame on her and shame on Bravo!!

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