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Baby Fever? Becca, Thomas, Nayte & Michelle Dish On Future Names

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Is there some baby fever happening in Bachelor Nation? Fan-favorite couples Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs, Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young decided to double date on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. Their conversations led to babies and discussing any names they have picked out for their future children. Keep reading to find out more about what they all had to say.

Becca, Thomas, Nayte and Michelle talk baby names

Many topics were discussed during their cute double date podcast. One topic of interest is having babies. Bachelor Nation shared what Becca, Thomas, Nayte and Michelle had to say about having future children.

Both couples have said they want children in the future. How far into the future nobody knows. However, there must a little baby fever since they have all admitted to having talked about baby names. Some of their answers may even surprise fans.

First of all, Nayte dished that he has “low key” had baby names picked out since he was around ten years old.

Michelle Young and Nayte, Instagram
Michelle Young and Nayte, Instagram

Thomas followed up with a question for Nayte. He wanted to know if Naytes actual first name of Babatunde will stay in the family. Nayte proceeded to explain. Nayte said, “In Nigerian culture, ​​Babatunde will be for the first-born son when the father’s father passes away. So God forbid my dad were to pass away, whoever in the family has the first-born son after that would be Babatunde.”

For the time being, nobody will be named Babatunde since his father is still living. He does have a favorite name picked out though. Nayte said, “I don’t really have a lot of girl names. I know that’s kind of messed up. I really like the name Ayodelé for a boy though. My sister’s name is Ayowomi, so the male version of that is Ayodelé and I’ve always loved that name.”

Thomas chimed in next sharing that he and Becca have discussed baby names. He said, “We’ve talked about baby names. We love the names Sloan and Stevie for girls. The first girl’s name would be Stevie, Stevie Jill most likely.”

A woman smiles at a man with his arm around her shoulder
Becca Kufrin/Thomas Jacobs/Instagram

The reason behind the name Stevie

Becca went on to share that they would name their daughter Stevie in honor of her late father. The one thing they aren’t completely settled on is how to incorporate both their last names. Becca said it would either be “Stevie Kufrin-Jacobs or Stevie Jacobs-Kufrin.” She noted they were still discussing all that.

Thomas went on to share a boy’s name he loves. He said, “And for the first boy, I want John Gerald Jacobs. John is a great name.”

Becca also noted that she is hoping for all girls.

Nayte said he loves the name John but Michelle quickly vetoed that suggestion saying she once dated a Johnny.

What do you think about the names these two adorable couples have chosen?


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