Kody Brown Brags Name Mix Up While In Bed With Different Wife


There was a point when Kody Brown was allegedly intimate with all of his wives. It was part of the package and how he ended up with sixteen biological children. Yet it may have been hard for the man with four wives to keep track of all of their names. Especially in the heat of the moment.

Kody Brown Honors With All Of His Wives

When Sister Wives first premiered in 2010, Kody’s wives made it clear that they were all intimate with him. He was welcomed in the three bedrooms as he just had Meri, Janelle, and Christine at the time. However, Meri wanted it to be known that it was always just a wife and Kody. They did not “go weird” as she put it. Furthermore, they referred to being intimate as “honoring” with a wife. Yet it was not something that occurred until after each couple was married. In fact, it was quite taboo to even kiss before marriage. The fact that he kissed Robyn to seal their engagement was a complete betrayal to the other wives.


As time went by, it was blatantly clear that Kody’s marriage with Meri was deteriorating. She had sought solace via an internet relationship and ended up getting catfished. That was the nail in the coffin for the couple. As for him and Christine, they had a love for many years but he had blatantly shared he was not initially attracted to her. This haunted the relationship as did years of namecalling and fights. Finally, he had been quite honest that his relationship with Janelle was really just a great friendship. By the end of Season 16, the only wife he was seemingly still intimate with was Robyn. Yet something interesting happened when he was honoring all of his ladies.

A Major Slip-Up

Fans have been rewatching old episodes while the series is on hiatus. They have taken to Reddit with a clip that could not be ignored. Apparently, Kody Brown was at Robyn’s house and he was half asleep when he said “I love you, Meri.” Of course, Robyn remembered it when she woke up. He thinks it is so funny as Meri just shakes her head. It should not be that big of a shock, especially since he was alternating between four wives. Redditors had a lot to say about the incident, especially since Meri and Kody are so estranged. “I forgot about that. Ew. Also, so amazing to look back at a time when he was saying, “I love you, Meri,” in his sleep. Now he would vomit on the words,” one commented.


Another added: “And now he says I never loved meri!! Uhhhh guy yea right buddy!” One Redditor theorized this: I don’t doubt he said another wife’s name in his sleep however I highly doubt it’s was Meri’s name. He just told her it was her because she’s who he was with at the moment. Trying to earn f’d up brownie points.” It’s an interesting theory and a definite conversation starter.

Does it surprise you that Kody said Meri’s name while in Robyn’s bed? Let us know in the comments.

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