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Jason Korpi Says ‘Unexpected’ Production Should Thank Him?

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Jason Korpi of TLC’s Unexpected recently updated his Instagram bio and it sent fans of the series reeling on Facebook and Reddit. On both Reddit and FacebookUnexpected fans believed the abusive man child was sending a pretty strong message to the production of the show. What change did Jason Korpi make to his Instagram bio exactly? Why does he think the production of Unexpected should bow down and kiss his feet? Keep reading for the details.

Jason Korpi - YouTube
Jason Korpi – YouTube

Jason Korpi thinks production of Unexpected should thank him

Fans of Unexpected noticed that Jason recently updated his Instagram bio. “TLC’s views this season for me,” the young father penned in his bio. He followed the statement with a red line shooting up and a starry-eyed emoji. It was a very short and simple update to his bio. But, fans across multiple platforms believed he was sending a very strong message. Turns out, that Jason Korpi is well aware of how popular this season of Unexpected has been. Likewise, he believes he’s single handly to thank for why the show’s views and ratings are booming this season.

Despite the charges Jason faces and all of the hate swirling for him, he seemingly harbors no fear that TLC will can him from the cast line-up. In fact, Jason Korpi’s Instagram update suggests he believes he’s the star of the show.


Unexpected fans can’t stop talking about him

Now, Jason Korpi isn’t exactly wrong about being the star of the show at the moment. He, however, is sitting on this throne because Unexpected fans love to hate him. A quick search of Jason’s name on Twitter reveals fans calling him every name on the planet. This includes one fan noting that if someone were to “look up a piece of sh*t” in the dictionary, they would find a picture of Jason.

Should TLC have allowed Jason Korpi on television?

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, there is a petition gaining traction to have Jason removed from the show. This, however, has fans debating whether or not Jason should have been allowed on the show to begin with. There are some fans who hate Jason but do not hate that TLC decided to air his story arc. Some fans note it is important to showcase domestic abuse because there are a lot of other girls just like Kylen Smith that are not on television.

Is Jason Korpi right to think that the production of Unexpected should thank him for making this such a popular season of the show? Or, do you think someone needs to deflate his head a bit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more.


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  1. They need to get rid if him. I don’t like watching him on the show. He makes me angry and not want to watch the show sometimes.

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