Jason Korpi Makes Empty Promises To ‘Unexpected’ Fans?

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Jason Korpi was fuming when his girlfriend, Kylen Smith broke her word when it came to their birth plan. He went so over the top that it caused him to be removed from the hospital. Yet has he now broken his word to Unexpected fans?

Unexpected Fans Watch Jason Korpi Continue To Unravel

Every week, Jason comes a little bit more unhinged. It started with him wanting to control his girlfriend, Kylen’s whole pregnancy. She was rarely allowed to see her parents which was a huge blow for both sides. It was not normal, in her mind, for her to be kept away from them. Jason also dictated what kind of birth she was going to have mainly because he wanted to be a part of the whole process. He wanted to be able to deliver the baby and be extremely hands-on. As for Kylen, she just wanted to be as safe as possible and a hospital birth made sense. Yet that was not what Jason wanted so she gave in.


When they went to the birthing center because she was having contractions, he would not permit a cervical exam so it was unknown how dilated she was. He seemingly did not care how much pain she was in or how many hours passed, more so what the labor process actually entailed. Finally, they had to go to the hospital and an epidural was needed. He was against this and even though she was initially, she knew it was best. Therefore she defied him and received the shot which caused him so much anger. He was eventually removed by security but may have been let back in at some point.

Unfulfilled Promises

In a TikTok video Jason Korpi posted, he is seen standing next to Kylen’s hospital bed shortly after their son Xavier was born. It led fans to believe he may have been let back into the room for the rest of the labor and delivery. Only time will tell what TLC will let viewers get to see but in March, Jason posted a comment on one of his videos. “We are making a YouTube to tell the truth about the birth and our life. Tlc got everything all wrong for “good content” haters stay hating though.”


That was posted on March 24th. On March 29th, a follower asked what Jason’s YouTube was as they were interested in the truth. Clearly, if there was more to the story, fans will watch. By April 17th, another follower commented: “I’m still waiting for this youtube.” As of a week ago, there was still no video. On a YouTube search, he has no visible channel. It could be that he and Kylen have to wait until the season and tell-all have wrapped due to an NDA. If that is the case, he should not have promised a video to fans before he could deliver.

Would you watch an expose by Jason if there ends up being one? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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