Jed Duggar Shames Wife Katey During Labor?

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Did former Counting On star Jed Duggar shame his wife Katey Nakatsu while she was in labor? The couple recently welcomed their first baby to the world and shared a birth video. Now, fans and critics are calling out Jed for his actions. So, what did he do?

In case you missed the news, Jed and Katey’s first baby has officially arrived! It’s a boy and they named him Truett Oliver. It looks like Katey and Truett are both healthy and happy from what they have shared on social media so far.


He’s about one week old now. After his birth, Jed and Katey shared a two-part birth story video on YouTube. Though Counting On is no longer on TLC, fans can still watch the important moments, such as births and weddings, on YouTube.

As fans and critics watched the birth story, however, they felt that Jed Duggar was shaming his wife.

Jed Duggar Instagram
Jed Duggar Instagram

Jed Duggar shames his wife Katey in birth video?

In one part of the birth video, Jed is filming his wife in the hospital bed. She smiles for the camera in between their conversation. They are discussing the food options at the hospital. Jed says, “You’re all about the food.”

Katey explained how dining works at the hospital and said, “They give you, like, a whole menu, and then you can order whatever you want.”

Then, Jed pinched his wife’s cheek and said, “If anybody knows Katey, she’s all about food.” You can see it in the screenshot below, which is from the first part of the birth video.


Over on Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are discussing Jed’s actions and talking about how shaming and degrading this was. After all, Katey was in labor at this point.

One Duggar snarker wrote, “Even if I wasn’t in labor if my partner pinched my cheek and commented on my eating habits he would lose a hand.”

Someone else added, “Right. That is such a condescending and patronizing gesture.”

Another critic called Jed’s actions “Casual degradation of your spouse in front of others for fun.”

You can watch part one of the birth story here and part two here. You can also find them below.

So, what do you think of Jed Duggar’s comment to his wife, Katey, during labor? Do you think it was appropriate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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