Netfix’s ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Shows Off Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy Chemistry, Preview

In the new series God’s Favorite Idiot for Netflix, a tech support employee Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone), falls for co-worker Amily Luck (Melissa McCarthy) at precisely the same time he becomes the “unwitting messenger of God.”

This new series is an eight-episode thirty-minute comedy coming in early summer.

The preview also promised “roller skating, a lake of fire, and an impending apocalypse.” However, we see that the leads have great on-screen comedic chemistry.

God’s Favorite Idiot

Ben Falcone’s Clark has a religious experience, but this opens up a portal for Satan. Pic credit: Netflix

This new Netflix series is an absurdist twist on a workplace comedy and a comedic take on the Apocalypse.

Mild-mannered Clark (Falcone) has a vision, more like an event. His office coworkers come along for the ride as Clark becomes a viral celebrity for all the wrong (or right) reasons.

Included in that mix is the object of his desire, Melissa McCarthy, hilarious in her character of Amily. She is an oversharing, ‘get to the bottom of it’ type who helps Clark as strange angels descend and the devil appears.

Clark Thompson was happily living his life as a mid-level tech support employee, close to his dad, Gene (Kevin Dunn), who has a thing for Amily and loves his cats.

Then he has a revelation and starts to glow. When he realizes this isn’t an average day at the office and God has a poignant plan in store for him, Clark needs to enlist his coworkers to save humankind, as he realizes he cannot do it by himself.

Now Amily and some angelic allies seen in the preview come to help Clark outwit Satan (Leslie Bibb).

Netflix says:

“Together, they’re just a bunch of average humans coming together for the greater good because, after all, you can’t save the world alone.”

Melissa McCarthy is honored.

Other Melissa McCarthy news reveals the star will be honored at the 2022 Gracie Awards.

The Gracie Awards honor exceptional talent and programming created by, for, and about women in radio, television, and all digital media.

This award focuses on women in the industry who continue to lift and inspire others, eradicate barriers, and create opportunities for future female entertainment professionals.

Along with Melissa McCarthy, this year’s honorees include Kelly Clarkson, Elle Fanning, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Kaitlyn Dever, Tamron Hall, Ellen K, Angie Martinez, and Dana Cortez.

God’s Favorite Idiot begins June 15, 2022

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