‘Moon Knight’ Is Season 2 Coming In 2023?

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Nick Davis

The end of Season 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Moon Knight is here. The season is only a brief six episodes long, but it packs a lot within that short amount of time. We get an introduction to the newest vigilante and Avenger. And one of the most left-field characters in the Marvel catalog. This show has been gaining a lot of hype from the comics community for a while. And the show is receiving a lot of praise, most notably for Oscar Isaac’s fantastic lead performance.

With the brief first season now over, fans are clamoring for an announcement that there will be a Season 2. As of writing this, there is no announcement just yet. But something did happen that has fans hopeful that the announcement is coming.

The Season Finale

Initially, Moon Knight was marketed as a limited-run series. The original announcement for Episode 6 read “Series finale this Wednesday”. But a more recent rewrite of that same announcement now reads “Season finale this Wednesday”. It’s clear that, following the success of Season 1, Disney+ wants to see another season on their platform.

Moon Knight is the first of many new characters who are debuting through short-run shows on Disney+. It seems as though Marvel is testing the waters with these shows. Seeing how people react to brief introductions to characters like Moon Knight, Ms. MarvelShe-HulkEcho, and others, and then going from there. Many fans are hoping that the success of the Moon Knight show will mean a movie announcement for the character and an appearance in an upcoming Avengers movie.

In the comics, Moon Knight is a character who occasionally involves himself with the Avengers, but mostly prefers to work alone. Primarily because his DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder) makes it difficult for him to get along with others. He’s well-known within the Marvel comics universe as an unstable character prone to a change in morality at any time. This makes him a fun addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which typically doesn’t delve into morally grey characters.

When Does Moon Knight Hit The Big Screen?

jake lockley moon knight
Jake Lockley in the Moon Knight comics

So Moon Knight Season 2 isn’t officially announced, but the announcement is very likely coming soon. Or, at a very minimum, a cameo/announcement that he’ll be appearing in the movies. First and foremost, he has to deal with Jake Lockley. The newest persona inhabiting the Moon Knight body. We got brief teasers of the character throughout the season, with a reveal in the last seconds of the finale. In the comics, he’s a gritty cab driver with the most street smarts of any of Marc Spector’s alters. The show seems to be hyping him up as the most sadistic of the 3 current alters.

Every episode of Moon Knight Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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