’Unexpected’ Kylen Smith & Jason Korpi: Shocking Similarity?

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The Unexpected cast is constantly keeping viewers on their toes. This time it has nothing to do with behavior and everything to do with physicality. Fans started to notice something similar about Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi that just could not be ignored.

Kylen And Jason Bring Unexpected Controversy

Season 5 was not prepared for what Jason and Kylen were about to bring to the table. The couple both wanted to have fun while in high school. Then Kylen made the first move and the rest is history. After just a year together, they are on the verge of their baby boy, Xavier arriving into the world. Unfortunately, Jason has left a really bad taste in everyone’s mouths. Not only is he controlling but he is convinced that his way is the only way. Kylen feels a hospital birth is best but Jason questions how welcomed he would be there so he is pushing for a home birth. He also does not see the need for her to be around her family when his friends are far more important.


She constantly defers to him but when the midwives told them they needed to head to the hospital, Jason refused. He did not think she was truly in labor but Kylen said she would get there without him. Furthermore, he did not want her to get an epidural and is truly controlling the process. Ultimately, he was removed from the hospital and has since amassed a list of charges with his most recent arrest early this year. Fans have been begging Kylen to see the light though she may have reasons for staying. Yet the longer she stays, the more something interesting has started to happen.

What’s Going On Here?

It’s not totally uncommon but fans have started to notice something about Jason and Kylen. They have started to look like one another. A Reddit thread was started solely based on the fact that the two of them are morphing into each other. It started with this: “Is it just me who always thought these two looked related?” Someone followed it up with: “Omg they do look related!” Redditors believed it was their noses and mouths.


However, one did point out the initial statement that it is not totally uncommon for couples to start looking like one another. “I feel like a lot of couples tend to look like brother and sister. I feel like it’s something about thinking you are attractive yourself or even the familiarity of your own traits and subconsciously looking for those traits in a partner.” While some disagree, there was more of a general consensus that they do have common physical traits.

Do you think the couple is starting to look alike? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC,


Amanda Nowitz

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  1. Kylen you are young and have a lot to learn. On the other hand Jason seems to know it all. You and your child will live a very sad life with Jason if you do not learn to stand up to him and move out of his house. If you have no place to go, ask for help, there are places to help you, but do not feel like you are trapped with him, your baby is the most important thing right now. Maybe you cannot see it but Jason truly is abusive to you in every way and your child will grow up seeing that. Is that what you want for your child?

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