‘Unexpected’: The Truth About Kylen Smith’s Past?

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Unexpected fans are struggling with Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi’s relationship this season. They cannot understand why she has not left him behind. The teen mom clearly deserves better but is there more that viewers have not seen?

Meeting Kylen And Jason On Unexpected

Kylen and Jason knew of each other as they were both party animals in high school. She asked for his social media information under the guise that it was for a friend. Yet she really wanted it for herself so she could get to know him better. Fast forward a year and they were a couple expecting a baby together. He seems to think he knows absolutely everything as well as what is best for Kylen during her pregnancy. When it comes to where she is having their son, Xavier, she feels a hospital is best. Unfortunately, Jason is opposed to this. He does not think he would be welcomed into the room so a home birth is his choice. Furthermore, he does not want her to get an epidural as he truly does not understand the benefits they will hold for Kylen.


As for her parents, he is determined to keep them at a distance. She would like to make time for them but he does not feel it is necessary. For Kylen, she does not understand why they can make time for Jason’s friends but not her own family. Still, she defers to him all the time and can’t seem to think for herself. Viewers have truly had enough of Jason to the point they want her parents to come and snatch her right up. Now, he is facing eleven charges so it just makes him look even worse. Though she seems to be under his spell, someone has spoken up as to why she may feel stuck with Jason.

The Truth Revealed

According @jessie_nails, she is spilling some tea on TikTok. First, she does a quick recap of the most recent episode. She feels that TLC truly does not care about Kylen in the situation. As for the midwives, they seemingly do not know what to do. So, where does Jessie come in? Apparently, someone DM’d her on Instagram and claims to be a relative of Kylen’s. They are alleging that Kylen’s father is an abusive alcoholic who has been sick for a very long time. He has apparently been sick/dying for as long as her parents have been together which is roughly two decades. Her father has also been abusive to her mom for that long so this is a lifestyle to which she has just grown accustomed.


There was a point where Jason actually lived with Kylen and her parents and may have planned this pregnancy. However, they moved in with his family for financial reasons. The relative who gave the dish was in contact with Kylen for the first few months of Kylen’s pregnancy but then Kylen stopped communicating. Jason does get money from his grandfather but he shared on a YouTube video that they are struggling. He also maintained that it is thanks to the show they are able to survive.


Essentially, Kylen is okay with what Jason does because it is a cycle she supposedly grew up with. Now whether this is true or not has yet to be seen. It would make a lot of sense in the long run. Do you think there is a smidge of truth behind the tea Jessie spilled? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I’m not sure about her past but she needs to grow up and speak up for herself and her baby! Kick this jerk to the curb! He is way too opinionated about things he has not a clue about including labor and delivery! I had 3 home births without even an aspirin but I know that is more often not the case. I can’t stand to watch this moron make her suffer needlessly!

    1. You ever wish you could reach into your tv and just smack someone? The “last man on earth” question… Where’s the man?
      OPEN YOUR EYES, talk to all parents, and unless he was the one who was the going through pregnancy, being 100% the only natural life support for this baby, and bringing that innocent baby into this world he has no say about what she is going through! My blood is just boiling! I honestly can’t watch her suffer because of that sad sack so I skip over it often.
      Sweetheart… You and your child do not need that thing around. RUN!!!!!

      1. I couldn’t have said it better! She Needs to open her eyes and leave! And he needs grow up get a clue! He should be arrested just from what’s been shown on TV he’s abusive!

    2. Please don’t blame her. She was very gown up with making decisions for her and her baby. I’m so proud of her for standing up to Jason in the parking lot of the birthing center. There were 2 sets of parents and midwives that could of stood for her and nobody did. He is a classic case of a controlling and dominating male and it was going on for a while. First he got her pregnant. He was all hers now because she couldn’t sleep with any other male. Second, she has no friends (this is so sad). He isolated her parents also. He also goes inthe bathroom with her. Did you see that he doesn’t even want her to talk to anyone? Someone would ask her a question and he didn’t let her give the answer. The morning before they went to the birthing center was awful! Jason wants to control everything!When Kylen was in excruciating pain he said ” well you wouldn’t be in so much pain if you were really trying to get the bbaby out. He wanted to control her labor. I can go on ad on….. I am very envious of your labor Doris! I was on the other end of the spectrum. Very bad pregnancy. Diabetic and had an insulin pump. I had another pump for a medicine to stop the early labor. I was hospitalized for 2 months between 26 and 34 weeks. Pushed for 88 minutes in a water bath. I received 22 stitches. I pray to God that Kylen has/had an easier delivery .

    3. She doesn’t realize that continuing the cycle of abuse is not healthy for her son. She thinks she should keep her “family” together. Abuse is ok with her and for her son to grow up with. CPS should be involved. This is so sad.

  2. Why are you with this controlling jerk, get away from him start your own life. The parents have caused letting him act like this,thats A horrible person you have created!

    1. Absolutely horrible! He don’t know a damn thing. And got the nerve to tell a woman how her body should. Damn ass! Get him off the show asap. I hate to say it but I’m feeling sorry for when the baby actually comes.

  3. At the point where Kylen is crying that she has no support person because Jason has been removed from the hospital Kylen should have called her MOTHER. Has this young woman had any prenatal care? If she had she would be better informed about the birthing process. They need to get a restraining order to keep Jason away from her and the baby. His stupidity will cause Kylen and the infant harm.

  4. A few of my absolute favorite parts of their story this season was 1.) When the Doctor at the hospital told Jason that he had a “limited understanding of what was actually going on.” Which in my personal opinion was a professional way of saying No kid, you actually don’t know shit about shit. Lol 2.)When Kylen FINALLY snapped a little and pretty much told him to go to hell and to kindly go get fucked, that she didn’t care what he wanted or thought anymore!! [YAY, FINALLY Kylen] And lastly, when Jason’s punk know-it-all ass gets kicked out of the hospital right b4 the birth bc he didn’t know how to act once he realized everyone was fed up with his Bullshit and that he wasn’t gonna get his way (and from what I’ve seen online..*SPOILER ALERT* he actually gets arrested for some type of warrant while at the hospital acting a fool) 😊 I was literally clapping at the TV as they were escorting his ignorant ass out

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said and hope and pray that she gets out of this abusive relationship. You and your baby deserve better!! I told my husband if Jason goes missing, I was home all day & night. 😉

    2. Those parts gave me a glimmer of hope that Kaylen was actually beginning to see the light but that hope quickly faded & I got angry all over again. I would like to know what she admires in this punk. Who’s responsible for the horrible person he is? I fear for Kaylen as she has no say in any of this. She’s very immature for a 17 yr old & that may well be why the creep controls her every move so expertly. I have to stop watching them because my blood pressure is elevated at the end of every episode.

  5. I’ve honestly felt so bad for Kylen as I have watched this MONSTER verbally and emotionally abuse her over and over again. She is CLEARLY such a sweet, non confrontational young lady that is being forced to go through her 1st pregnancy completely alone bc he feels the need to control her every move. Down to her not seeing anyone but him and his people and friends. Including her very sick dad. He acts as if he wants her all to himself, yet treats her like absolute garbage! I will go ahead and predict that he very quickly will become resentful & jealous of his own child, once the attention is no longer all about him. It is so hard to watch her be so passive with him, to the extent of her suffering bc of it. Which makes me question if there is more then just verbal and emotional abuse going on there. He literally made her come to the bathroom with him (in front of her parents which is essentially spitting in their face) just so that he could bully her to STOP EATING, in order for them to leave in the middle of their little family get together to go hang out with HIS friends. Even though she obviously didn’t want to. He is obviously too scared and weak to do all this stuff in front of others so he waits to be alone with her so he can act tough and dictate their decisions they are supposed to make together. Just a couple of the things that made me want to jump through the TV screen and strangle and whoop his little ass was 1.) When he refused to wake up, when Kylen went into labor. And when she tells him the baby is coming he says “no he’s not” as if she had to wait to have the baby until he felt like getting up and said it was ok 2.) When he completely dictated their birthing plan and said it was his choice. Even though she had continuously voiced that she would feel safer and be more comfortable to be in a hospital, just incase something happens 3.) When this bozo refused to let her get the IV bag bc he “still thinks its drugs” and “he said no!” 🤡 4.) When he told Kylen that animals give birth without medication all the time, so she could too 5.) When he was arguing with the labor and delivery nurses while they are telling him that Kylen is too weak to go through many more hours of labor unmedicated 6.) When he coaxed her to the bathroom with him in order to force her to leave their family get together to go hang out with his friends.. while she’s in the middle of her trying to eat 7.)When he’s implying that Kylen shouldn’t be tired bc he has had the same amount of sleep as her (as if sitting on your ass, bossing people around and eating fries and vaping is as hard as trying to labor a child naturally and unmedicated) I could honestly go ON AND ON about this kid!! And I pray Kylen keeps this little fire under her ass and puts his ass in check. He has done everything in his physical power to ruin this for her. I hope now she will call her momma to come be with her. But I will also predict that he “doesn’t allow” her to invite her parents to come, now that he has been booted from the hospital. Even though it would 100% make her labor a better experience, he wouldn’t DARE let them come, even though he can’t and that would leave her alone. God send someone to smack this idiot.
    Ps. I will say, I have not been this heated over a TV show in years. Lol Grow up Jason

    1. Amen sister! I still hate Trump a little more than Jason but not by much. Kylen, abusers isolate their victims from friends and family so that they can totally control them without interference. Jason is an abuser. You are the victim. I beg you to get away or your son will have to watch you be abused. No father is better than an abusive asshole like Jason. And no, you can’t change him. Even Jason’s parents know he is an asshole and try to bring Kylen’s parents back into her life.

  6. As much as she is co-dependent on this narcissist (an probably sociopath), he will end up leaving her and she will have nothing. He will most likely get someone else pregnant, further physically and emotionally abuse her and she may not even have her parents to help her at that point. This is a sad sad situation. And, it seems all we can do is watch (or choose not to)

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