‘Unexpected’ Star Jason Korpi Arrested, 11 Charges Pending

Jason Korpi/TLC

Season 5 of Unexpected may have no cast member that is more despised than Jason Korpi. He is the alpha male teen who got his teenage girlfriend Kylen Smith pregnant. Now he believes he can call all of the shots when it comes to her labor, delivery, and her family. Unfortunately, he now has bigger fish to fry when it comes to legal issues. Though fans knew he was trouble, the proof is now in the pudding- and the arrest records.

Unexpected Welcomes Jason And Kylen

Viewers first met Kylen and her boyfriend Jason this season. What they were quick to notice was how controlling he was when it came to her and her choices. Even more when it came to their baby and what was best in the long run. She wanted to have a hospital birth as she felt it would be safer and more comfortable. However, because of the pandemic, Jason disagreed with this option. He felt he would have less access to her and the baby if she did it that way. For him, a home birth would allow him to be there for every moment from beginning to end. Fans did not like him telling her what she should and should not be doing with her birth plan.

Credit: TLC

Kylen’s parents were also struggling as they really wanted to be involved with the pregnancy and birth. Unfortunately, Jason did his best to keep them away. As it turns out, he is against protection and was not trying to make a baby but was excited when it happened. Kylen was scared so literally defers to him for everything. It’s become an issue for viewers who just want her to listen to her parents but she has yet to see the light. Now it appears they have more than teenage pregnancy to keep them occupied.

Jason’s Run-In With The Law

Prior to the show beginning, Jason had been making TikToks. It appeared his wall had holes punched into them. This led to physical assault allegations and, according to Starcasm, it has only gotten worse. The now-father of baby Xavier has been arrested three times. More than that, he has eleven pending charges. Viewers may have seen him get arrested at the hospital while Kylen was in labor last August. Yes, he was causing trouble in the delivery room but that is not why he ended up getting arrested. He actually had an outstanding warrant.

Credit: WEtv

It seems to have started in March 2019 when he was charged with reckless driving. Though it was changed to negligent driving, a guilty verdict was handed down in November 2019. He was again arrested in July 2021 for driving with a revoked/suspended license. Fast forward to March 2022 and a warrant had been placed for Jason’s arrest. He was actually physically arrested in February of this year with 11 charges. They include:

  • Disobeying an Officer
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Reckless Operation

That’s just the beginning and most are just violations with only four being a form of misdemeanors. It does not appear that their son Xavier was in the car. More details as the situation unravels.

Does any of this surprise you? Let us know and do not miss Unexpected Sunday nights on TLC.

Update: More details are out! Read more here

Amanda Lauren


  1. I knew that young man was trouble right from the beginning. As long as she agrees to do what he wants things will be just fine.

    1. He is a disgusting waste of space…kylen needs to smarten up real quick before n go back to her parents…I thought Max had problems…this punk is spoiled and entitled..n his parents laugh it off…tlc needs to kick him off n make this guy get a real job to support his family

      1. I was sooo mad when I watched that punk Jason talking to his girlfriend and treating her really bad. He don’t know how it feels when a woman gives birth plus the hard labor. I hope she leaves him and moves back home with her parents. I wish someone could beat the crap out of him .

        1. I say that every time i see that punk!!! I wish someone would kick the s$&t out of him!!!! He makes my skin crawl!

          1. ! She also needs to stand up for her parents they have rights too! His parents have allowed this monster to have no morals or manners & always have his way! Kaylean needs to cut him lose & so does TLC!

        2. Maybe while he is in jail he will get his ass beat. And learn what it takes to be a man. Let’s just hope Kylen smartens up.

      2. Hate him she pisses me off every time I watch him why does he think he knows everything has he ever had a child he’s a little boy hate him

      3. Amen, Jason is literally the most selfish and entitled piece of garbage I have ever seen. A birth plan that caters to him??? Give me a break. Give her the epidural and shut the hell up lil punk. Staci you are spot on and I just needed to get those words off my chest because he makes me wish I could harm someone with my thoughts! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      4. This kid who is not responsible or mature is shining the lights of physical emotional and mental abuse brightly. She is afraid of him and her low self esteem keeps her quiet. He is going to end up hurting her or lil Xavier. They both need to separate from each other. Asap!!

    2. I think she’s scared of him. She never looks him in the eye and always looks down.
      I hope she goes to her mom and dad’s after she has the baby so her dad can enjoy his grandson before he loses his battle.

  2. I can’t believe they let him on the show when clearly it’s condoning domestic violence even if he’s not physically abusive which he probably is to a degree. There’s so much abuse going on there emotionally mentally and who knows what else. Someone should call CPS because for him to be around that child what is something happens what is he going to deny the baby to go to the hospital he thinks he has all this information but he sounds so ignorant he knows nothing about Labor childbirth nothing he sounds so ignorant the whole season. I was hoping those midwives called on him for clearly forcing her to not go to a hospital not take anything that will help her naturally feel better it was sick and sadistic having to watch that and to have anybody see that at an impressionable age and think that’s okay what he’s doing to that girl and for any parent to sit back and allow that is beyond me. I’m so sick of his parents saying oh well we can’t do anything it’s just the way he is we have our problems too. Kick him out make him grow up make him stop being so entitled and her parents need to step up and say no I don’t care what he says we’re not allowing this and she’s coming home.

    1. Kate I couldn’t have said it better! I am so disgusted watching this episode. I cannot believe TLC is allowing this young boy treat a human like this on national TV. I’m so sad for this girl.

      1. They probably called the hospital to alert them to her arrival, and after what happened hopefully a social worker from the hospital will become involved. Poor Xavier- what kind of life is that child going to have.

  3. What an idiot! I get so angry every time I see him on the show! Lock him up and cut off his little tool!

  4. I think that Jason is a piece of crap!! He is very verbally abusive to Kylen. The best thing that she could do would be to leave him and go stay with her parents who seem to love and miss her very much. I can’t believe that they are standing back and letting this happen, they know what he is like. He is a control freak and it will only get worse if she stays with him. I will be praying for her that she can get out of this situation before it gets worse!!🙏🏻

  5. It was heart breaking to watch her entire time with the midwives. Honestly, I don’t want to be against the midwives but they should have been better advocates for her. Her parents should have been better advocates for her. The people filming the show. Anyone around her!!! This boy didn’t know squat and didn’t listen or care about this girl. No one was there for her. Completely agree TLC should have kicked him off the show and allowed Domestic abuse to be aired on TV.

    1. I agree, they could have been better advocates, especially since she is a minor. Why weren’t her parents called to make any medical decisions? I am assuming she gave that idiot the right to do that since he is 18. He probably forced her to make him her medical decisions maker. I get mad that TLC gives many abusers a platform. Depending what the age of consent laws are in Michigan, her parents should charge him with statutory rape charges against him and she should file for sole custody!

      1. His parents are pieces of shut to! They laughed last week and said if they wad t on the show the rating would be bad! And her parents to, get some balls she’s a minor, make her come home, if he comes around have him arrested!!! Why in the hell is tlc allowing him and his parents on tv!!!???? Domestic violence right on tv for ratings!!!! And I also don’t feel so for Kyle, sheets him treat her parents like crap and sits like a scared little mouse! Speak the hell up!!

  6. This is clearly an abusive situation and Kylen is already in the abused victim mindset. This girl and her baby should be separated from this egomanic, or this could end up in Kylen, the baby, or both getting hurt. The producers and/or anyone who is witnessing this are aiding him in his abuse by just standing by and doing nothing. If he had driven her home from the birthing center as he intended, Kylen, the baby, or both could very easily ended up in deep trouble. Giving birth is many times a life, or death situation, and people like this idiotic, egotistic child, should not be the decision maker. I am disgusted that this is being allowed.

  7. Kylen you need to get out of that toxic environment. It’s not even a relationship. Jason is a self centered POS. He has no respect for anyone. I wish someone would grab him by his testicles twist them and tell him to suck it up.
    What an embarrassment he must be for his parents.

  8. This kid need his ass beat and her parent need to go get there minor daughter and put a r.o on him hes gonna hurt her and that baby fuckin creep he aint even 21 and has aggravated dui what a dam loser his parent are to blame as well

    1. SOMEONE NEEDS TO KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THAT PIECE OF 💩 Jason!!! Shane on his parents! They seem affraid of him. How sad is that!!! This pipsqueek makes my skin crawl!!!!

    2. My thoughts exactly. And I’d like to smack him once or twice myself! If he’s this egotistical, this controlling , this much of an asshole, and getting in this amount of legal trouble at only 17 can you imagine him at 25 or 30 ? I can’t believe he tried to get Kylen to get up out of her hospital bed and leave with him when he was being escorted out. Then has the gall to tell none of this would of happened had she not gotten the epidural. Then said she was high outta her mind and her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as soon as She got the epidural. Man , I’m angry typing rn. That boy gets me so mad. Kept calling her a drug addict. I hope she smartens up, finds her inner badass and leaves that boy. Can you imagine trying to raise a kid with him. He things he knows everything and he actually sounds totally ignorant.

  9. I agreed, why did they allow him in the show and get a paycheck?? But, then I realized maybe this was to show other young women a mirror of their boyfriends/partners. Sometimes we do not see things that are right in front of us but when we are viewing others it becomes clear. I have not watched every episode- it’s too gut wrenching for me. I remember wishing she wouldn’t have a boy because I didn’t want a “Jason Jr” and a copycat of his father- but, then I didn’t want a little girl to know that this behavior was tolerable. I saw the scene where his father said something along the lines of “I created him and I am disappointed in him.” I would be so ashamed. And this behavior just didn’t start. I hope other parents watching this and has a 12-13 year old “Jason” can see what they will have in a few years and decide to take action now. (Personally I think Jason should be “neutered” (he is a dog)! I wish that was available. He will probably end up with seven kids and five baby mamas.)
    Kylen’s parents break my heart. I know people say “They should just force their way, she is a minor.” I have had a family member go through this with their child. They took a small child away and became estranged, Pushing back only made it worse.
    The only reason the birthing center is contacting the family by text is because she is a minor. If I had been her parents I would have say in the parking lot just so my daughter would know I was there. I believe they are afraid of their daughter’s safety.
    Why did she refuse a physical exam?? That is very odd!! Has she had pre natal care?. I have been in my share of hospitals as a minor back in the 1990’s and I had no choice. What the doctors said goes. I think that is why Jason didn’t want a hospital. Control. He is not just an alpha male, he is ignorant and “stupid” too. Believing she came to the clinic too early- to just force it out and push and believes IV fluid will affect the baby like a narcotic or make it hyper due to the sugar?? “We should have waited you are not even dialated..” How do you know!! They never examined her!!
    This show is not good for my health.
    I don’t know how the midwives kept their cool- I wonder if their cameras were not there if it would have gone down differently. They needed to call 9-1-1!!!!! They needed to step up. No one wants an ambulance.
    I believe some of these young men want to be good fathers, others look at it as a new toy and possession.
    Kylen, I am sure you are not reading this but this time you are not spending with your parents- you cannot get it back. You know your Dad is dying- many people lose their parents with no warning. Take advantage of this time. One day your heart will break with regret. The day your child is born your heart grows and you give more than half of it to that child, your child becomes the most important thing… don’t put Jason first because he does NOT put you first.
    Your Xavier will love you unconditionally until the day comes that you betray that love and trust. Don’t ever let Jason be the cause of that.
    You are a strong, smart young lady!!! You have family that cares about you, you can get help.
    I will pray for you and your son.

    1. The birthing center wasn’t contacting her parents. Heidi is Jason’s mom. They we’re finding information out third hand through her. The birthing center had no information on her patents. He is 18 and making the medical decisions.

  10. His refusal to allow the nurses to check her to see if she was dialated forced her to suffer for over 24 hours. When the nurses said she needed to go to the hospital he refused again, putting her life in danger. His; “rather not” comment on everything the nurses suggested showed his lack of caring for the poor girl.

    She was obviously afraid of him. When they were asked to leave he blamed the nurses and the facility. I was glad when she finally stood up to him and went to the hospital! He has anger issues and his parents are apparently no help.

  11. This “boy” is ignorant, dumb and abusive. His comments during her pregnancy about how its easy to get through and not painful, really shows his hillbilly mentality. His parents need to stop supporting this ass who calls his father names while his father supports him but candidly, his mother hardly ever talks and sits there and stares just like Kylen, who obviously is scared to make him mad.

    TLC shame on you for condoning this for your TV show.

  12. I think someone needs to hold his butt down and pull all of his teeth, one by one with no meds and see how he can handle the pain. He’s an absolute disgrace and definitely needs knocked down by someone. I would of not given her a choice to live with him and his parents, she’s underage, I would of made her come home and if refused, call the law. You’d think there would be some kind of charges they can press against him being 18 anyways. Sure hope the judge watches show before court hearing!!

  13. As we seen the tragedy and result of a controlling abusive in the news! This “Boy Jason Is Trouble” His violent capabilities are obvious and very dangerous.

  14. WTF is up with this dude’s hair? He is a tool. After hearing him say he didn’t want the mom to have an epidural because it would drug the baby he reached over and took a big ole drag on a vape! What an idiot!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the hair! He looks like a frigging poodle lol 😆. Can’t stand him. Ignorance at its finest.

  15. Jason is a narcissistic psychopath!! Kaylen really needs to practice self-care – and start a new life WITHOUT JASON!! It would be a damn shame if she stays with him and allows him to belittle her in the presence of that little boy!! He is psychologically abusing her!! What a pathetic excuse of a human!! #kaylendropthedouche

  16. Jason is psychopath narcissist control freak domineering big time loser a hole. Kayleen is dumb to still be with him. She should be able to speak up and make decisions for herself and her son. I hope she gets some sense in her head and leave that useless guy! Go back and leave with your parents who truly love and support you and do not stay with that stupid gut who clearly is abusing you, mentally and psychologically!

  17. Jason is such a jerk! I taught my girls to stand up for themselves and to never let a boyfriend abuse them or talk down to them. They have a voice and should never be afraid to use it. Apparently Kylen’s parents didn’t prepare their daughter to stick up for herself and they also seem to be afraid of Jason. I hope someone steps in and saves Kylen from the A_ _hole of a boyfriend.

  18. Never comment but Jason has all the behaviors of physical abuser. Statistics show that women leave their abuser seven times. The pattern continues and when she goes back he will kill her. Could end up as a murder/suicide. She needs an intervention. Her parents should take her and leave town

    1. I stopped watching this is so disturbing he is every mother’s worst nightmare for her daughter. I pray she comes to her senses before it’s too late

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