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Jedidiah Duggar Can’t Tell Time, Home School Fail?

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Former Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar had a slip-up when it came to telling time in his recent video. Is this a homeschool fail? Keep reading to see what happened and see what fans and critics have to say about it.

Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Jedidiah Duggar slips up while reading the clock.

This week, Jedidiah and his wife, Katey, released the first part of their son’s birth video. They welcomed baby Truett Oliver to the world on May 2 and announced his arrival on May 3.

In the first part of the birth video, Jedidiah has a little slip-up when it comes to reading the clock. He and Katey are in the hospital room the night before their son’s birth. In the video, the new father says, “Right now, the time is…somebody read that clock for me.”

He attempted to read it himself but could not. Fortunately, his wife, Katey revealed that it was 9:25 pm.

Jedidiah admitted, “I could do it; it would just take me a couple of seconds extra.”


Is his homeschool education to blame?

Whenever the Duggar kids make mistakes, such as grammatical errors and typos, fans wonder if their homeschool education is to blame. Michelle Duggar homeschooled all 19 of her children, and fans are often curious to know whether their education was high-quality.

So, when this moment was brought up on Duggars Snark on Reddit, Jedidiah’s education was brought into question.

Someone writes, “Because he got his education from the school of the dining room table. Remember when Joy didn’t know that “x” meant ‘times?'”

Another Reddit user explains, “Says a lot about the homeschooling going on.”

Then, they question, “Also why publicize it in a vlog.. I’m embarrassed for him.”


In case you missed it, Jedidiah Duggar previously tried to run for office. So, someone brings up that fact and says, “I was shocked by that too. And this man child wanted to be in politics. This is a pretty basic skill to be missing.”

You can watch Jedidiah and Katey’s birth video here. The time-telling slip-up begins at around the 7:45 mark in the video.

Only the first part is posted so far, but the other parts will likely be added soon.

So, do you think that this is a sign that Jedidiah Duggar’s homeschool education failed him? Do you see it as a problem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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