Jason Duggar’s Homeschool Education Questioned After Recent Post

Jason Duggar Instagram

Jason Duggar is getting some negative comments in response to a new social media post. Fans aren’t impressed with his grammar skills, fueling speculation about the Duggar kids’ homeschool education.

In the past, fans have pointed out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the Duggar kids’ social media posts. As fans know, the Duggars were homeschooled by their mom, Michelle. Because there are 19 kids in the family, this couldn’t have been an easy task. So, fans worry that some topics might have been missed or that their education wasn’t as comprehensive as it should have been.

On the Duggar family’s website, they share details about their school day and its structure. They write, “For each month of the year we have individual daily checklists that cover schoolwork, chores/jurisdictions, music lessons, and personal hygiene. These checklists were designed so we could see at a glance how each child is doing on a daily basis. It also enables us to keep our children accountable and reward them accordingly!”

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

Jason Duggar Called Out for Grammatical Issues

In his recent post, Jason wrote, “Skydive training with the boys, so blessed to be apart of the team!🪂” He shared a couple of photos of himself during training. Many fans are commenting on how cool it is that Jason is learning how to skydive. His sister Joy-Anna Forsyth commented, “You did great, Jase!🙌”

Jason Duggar Instagram

Also in response to the post, fans pointed out he should have written “a part” instead of “apart.” One fan writes, “It’s ‘a part,’ not ‘apart.'” Someone else adds, “part of a team not apart of a team 🙄.”

Jason didn’t receive too much backlash over his grammatical error, so many fans might not have noticed it or cared enough to point it out. It’s worth noting that people of all backgrounds make grammatical mistakes here and there. So, it may not even be a reflection of his education. It also could have been autocorrected on his phone when he posted the caption.

Jason hasn’t responded to any of the comments, and he also hasn’t changed his caption to the proper spelling of “a part.”

So, do you think Jason Duggar’s latest post is a reflection of his education? Or do you think it’s no big deal since everyone makes grammatical errors sometimes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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