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Deon Derrico’s Mom ‘GG’ Battling Lung Cancer

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This season of Doubling Down With the Derricos came with some devastating news as fans learned Deon’s mother GG’s cancer had returned. Deon Derrico reminds fans in a preview for tonight’s episode that his mother previously battled the same lung cancer back in 2014.

All plans put on hold for Deon Derrico’s mother GG

As those who have been following this season of the series know, Deon’s mother has played a major role in helping the family continue to function. So, learning her cancer has returned was a hard pill for everyone to swallow. Fans also know Deon Derrico and his wife have been making plans to move to a different state. After receiving this update on GG’s health and her cancer, the family thought it was best to put their plans on hold.

Derrico - Youtube
Derrico – Youtube

Unsurprisingly, TLC viewers have not been shy with flooding the comments of Derrico family members’ social media posts with support for GG and the entire family during this difficult time.

The Derrico family just wants her to be healthy again

During the preview for tonight’s episode, Deon Derrico slams his hands together several times for emphasis as he notes he just wants his mother GG to be as healthy as she looks. He insists he needs his mother to “fight, fight, fight.” GG tells the camera getting this diagnosis has been frightening. Moreover, she’s having a difficult time shaking the fear of receiving this diagnosis.

Karen adds that the family wants GG to embrace any treatment plans the doctor recommends for her. The preview comes to a close with GG promising to do her best to fight off her lung cancer once again.

Derrico - Youtube
Derrico – Youtube

Fans rally behind Deon Derrico’s mother GG

Karen Derrico shared the preview from the series on her Instagram profile. “To everyone out there dealing with this ugly disease… please know that #theDerricos send our love and prayers to you, your family and caretakers!” She penned in the caption.

She added: “@deonderrico and I thank you for all your continued prayers and words of encouragement for @marian.derrico Derrico.”

DDWTD Karen Derrico

Fans of this TLC family flooded Karen’s Instagram post with love and support. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “Praying for GG and the entire family.”
  • “Sending you all love and prayers.”
  • “Praying for GG’s complete healing.”

Overall, there was nothing but love in the comments for GG and her family. Keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest news on the Derricos.

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  1. I love Gigi she makes the whole show I’m 60 years old and I would love to have her as a friend. I don’t have any friends we are praying for you god will heal you lots of love susan.

  2. Praying for GG to fight the Great fight! Go GG! Heavenly Father will be with you and all the Doctors and the whole medical team.

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