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Karen Derrico Goes To Dr Leaves Deon In Charge What Could Go Wrong?

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Doubling Down With the Derricos mama Karen Derrico has to go to the doctor’s office. So, this means that dad Deon Derrico is in charge of their busy crew. What might go wrong with Deon keeping an eye on 12 of their 14 children?

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On Doubling Down With the Derricos, fans have learned of Diez’s medical needs. The little boy had cranial reconstruction surgery because of his elongated skull. This operation and recovery were documented during the last season.

Later, Diez had a bump on his head. His doctor reassured the family that it was simply from playing. He seemed fine otherwise. Now, Karen Derrico reveals that her son has several more bumps on his head, raising concerns. So, she is taking Diez, as well as his twin brother Dior, to visit Dr. Ozaki in person.

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Dior is tagging along to support his brother during this scary and uncertain time.

Karen Derrico leaves Deon to hold down the fort.

In a new episode of the TLC show, Karen Derrico is preparing to head out with Dior and Diez. Deon will soon be taking on a huge responsibility and must care for 12 of the kids all on his own. Typically, Karen is the one who takes care of the busy family. But with Diez’s appointment coming up, she is turning things over to Deon.

There is a lot for the father to manage, from getting his kids up, dressed, and fed to keeping the house in order and preparing meals. It may not be as easy as Karen Derrico makes it seem. There’s certainly a ton of work for this couple to do to keep all of their kiddos healthy and happy.

We’ll have to see what happens with Deon in charge. Will something go wrong, or will he be able to get the hang of it?

This clip shows the family packing and planning as Deon prepares to be in charge of all but two of his 14 kids. In a comment on YouTube, one fan speculates, “I hope this opens his eyes to how much his wife does.”

So, can you imagine what it’s like for Deon or Karen Derrico to care for all 14 of their kids? Would you ever be able to do it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Doubling Down With the Derricos news. New episodes air Tuesdays on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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  1. As to Doubling Down With The Derricos, it pretty much went like I expected. Karen took off with Dior and Diez, and the other kids ran herd over Deon!! I babysat for over 35 years, so I knew what was going to happen-including Deon getting snowballed!

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