Kody Brown Taught Kids How To ‘Wipe Properly’?

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For many viewers, and some of his family, Kody Brown was a pandemic nightmare. His rules were beyond excessive and he managed to strain relationships with both his wives and kids. Yet there was one moment that has haunted fans since it aired and has since resurfaced.

Kody Brown, The Rules Master

When the pandemic hit in 2020, most people panicked. Sanitizing and hand washing became excessive yet these were things that should have been done in general. In any case, Sister Wives star Kody had it hard as his four wives all lived at a distance. They had moved to Flagstaff two years prior. Unfortunately, they had yet to build on the land they had purchased. Therefore, two wives had bought their home while two had rented. Still, it was unlike Utah where they lived under one roof, and very different from Vegas where they lived in a cul-de-sac. Unable to quarantine as one unit, Kody decided he would be the only one to rotate from home to home. 


It seemed to be the safest option except he did not feel his wives, Janelle and Christine were being all that cautious. Maybe Janelle was trying but her kids were being “disobedient” in his eyes. As for Christine, he thought she traveled too much and was abusing the rules. He never really went to Meri’s so he mostly stayed at Robyn’s house. Though when he went out, he definitely had a lot to say. At one point, he was at Christine’s home and decided to give a bathroom etiquette lesson. A Reddit thread has started and fans are cringing over this moment.

Too Little Versus Too Much

The Sun showed a clip of Kody Brown educating Christine and her girls on proper toilet paper etiquette. During the pandemic, paper towels and toilet paper were quite sparse. People were hoarding it and in a family as big as Kody’s, they were struggling. He held up a few sheets and said how one sheet was too little but four to five were just enough. They could get one good wipe, three if they were really good at it. Redditors were shocked after seeing this again and had a lot to say. Many felt because he is a man, he did not understand what women go through using the bathroom. Especially when they are going through their time of the month and sometimes, four sheets do not cut it.


“My father had these kinds of rules–he was a drill sergeant and a control freak, and did not understand the need to get your hoo-hah clean when you’re on your period. Not only did he not get it but he didn’t care to get it, you know?” one noted. Another added: “Besides the fact that women need more (for obv reasons)… can we acknowledge the fact that Kody is a single wiper?! Gross. Just gross.” Finally, someone had to ask: “Why is he so freakishly gross!???” Yes, Kody really went there and it was uncomfortable not just for his family but for viewers alike.

Did you ever think you would be there for the Kody TP etiquette convo? Let us know in the comments.


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