Psychologist Weighs In On Kody Brown Narcissism

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Fans have long accused Kody Brown of being a narcissist. He is consistently laughing at his own jokes and believes his word is gospel. There is truly nothing that he does he is not immensely proud of. Recently, a psychologist reviewed some footage of the father of eighteen and shared their opinion.

Kody Brown And His Love Affair With Himself

From day one of Sister Wives, Kody did what was best for Kody. It did not matter that the woman he was courting lived five hours away from the rest of his family. He also seemingly did not care that he was consistently leaving a very pregnant third wife behind to be with his new fiancee. The real kicker was how he behaved once he and his soon-to-be fourth wife Robyn behaved got engaged. He legally married Meri in 1990 and they had a traditional wedding where they could kiss. Janelle came in 1993 and Christine followed in 1994 yet they did not want to kiss or be intimate with him prior to getting married because that was someone else’s husband.


He felt so invigorated and high on life by his romance with Robyn that he broke the cardinal courting rules. When the sister wives discovered that he sealed their engagement with a kiss, it was a bitter pill. Robyn maintained that it happened so fast so she had no idea what to do. It did not make it any easier with Christine feeling the most betrayed. Following that, Robyn took the women wedding dress shopping as a bonding experience. They thought they shared a special moment but Kody could not wait to drop the bomb that he had picked out Robyn’s dress behind their backs. He always has to be seen and heard so is he a narcissist or just insecure?

Psychological Diagnosis

The definition of a narcissist is this: a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Yes, Kody Brown has these traits but what does a psychologist have to say? David Colarossi shared his opinions in a YouTube video. He addressed the first part of the tell-all and blatantly calls out Kody’s need for control in his marriages. David also openly believes Janelle does not seem to care what Kody does when it comes to intimate relations. However, the fact that he used withholding as a tactic for Meri and Christine was an extreme control mechanism.


He goes on to add that Robyn most likely has a dependent personality disorder and would crumble without Kody. If he ever were to do to her what he has done to the others, it would destroy her. Yet he does believe Kody could move on and have no problem in doing so. He maintains Christine is probably the most psychologically healthy of the bunch but in terms of Kody, here’s the endgame. Though it may seem like he is a narcissist on the surface, he appears to feed off of controlling his wives. At least, that is what is gathered from the analysis.

There are a lot more videos about the family with psychological evaluations but what do you think of Kody? Let us know in the comments.

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