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New ‘Sailor Moon’ Is Coming, Watch The Trailer Here:

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Sailor Moon is one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time. Even people who have never seen the show or read the manga still oftentimes can recognize the main character Usagi. This is because the ’90s anime is so popular with millennials and older gen-z that it’s become a source of nostalgia. Drawings of Sailor Moon fill social media sites. Usagi costumes are far from uncommon at young Halloween parties. And there are even references to Sailor Moon in popular songs. Like Yung Lean’s 2016 cult hit “Hennessy & Sailor Moon.”

With how successful the mid-90s anime is, it’s no surprise that the revival is similarly popular. And now there’s a trailer for a new movie to build fans’ excitement once again.

Sailor Moon Cosmos

sailor moon cosmos usagi asleep
Usagi looking asleep in a still from the new trailer

Sailor Moon Cosmos is an upcoming movie that will release in 2 parts between now and 2023. The trailer came out a couple of days ago and is fairly brief. It’s subtle and doesn’t show off too much, but it’s clear that the end is coming. These movies are a part of Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s an attempt by Toei Animation to do the series again in a way that’s more faithful to the manga source material.

According to the fans, this new series definitely pulls that off. Many diehard fans even say that there’s no reason to watch the original ’90s show over Sailor Moon Crystal for any reason other than nostalgia. Newer fans generally are pointed towards this new show that’s coming to a head with this new movie.

For anyone unaware, Sailor Moon follows the lead protagonist Usagi on a galaxy-saving quest. She teams up with her fellow Sailor Guardians and protects the solar system from grand threats. And this new film will see Usagi tested in a way she’s never been tested before.

The End Once Again

Sailor Moon Cosmos parts 1 and 2 will once again spell the end for the anime. The new version of the anime is significantly longer than the original. While the original ran for only 5 years, from 1992 to 1997, the remake has been running since 2014. Assuming parts 1 and 2 come out on schedule in 2023, that means the series will have run 4 years longer than the original.

So will this be the true end for the wildly successful anime? Will there truly be no more Sailor Moon? It’s hard to tell. At a very minimum, it will probably be gone for a while. The gap between the original anime and the newer one was 17 years. It may take that long to bring Usagi back to screens again, but it may just happen.

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