Christine Brown Was ‘Wife’ To Janelle In Family Relationship?

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown may no longer be part of Kody Brown’s polygamist family. However, that hasn’t seemed to hurt her relationship with her former sister-wife, Janelle Brown.

Christine and Janelle have always been notoriously close. So much in fact that one Reddit thread recently proposed that Christine and Janelle were more like actual spouses than just sister-wives.

Did Janelle and Christine Brown have their own spousal dynamic?

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that belonging to a polygamist family can’t always be easy. Many viewers feel that it would be wildly difficult to share their spouse with someone else and all have to work together as a family unit. Under such harsh circumstances, it doesn’t really seem surprising that Christine and Janelle really bonded during their time as sister-wives.

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In a Reddit thread, someone posted a video of an ex-polygamist breaking down the dynamics of the Brown family. The ex-polygamist describes how in a stereotypical traditional marriage, the husband goes to work while the wife stays home to mind the children. However, in a polygamist family, there will often be wives who take on the breadwinner role. And that’s exactly what Janelle and Christine have done in the past.

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In the comments section, many Reddit users determined that the woman in the video was a Kingston. The Kingston family is a fairly large group of polygamists where men have several wives in children — many more than Kody Brown does. Reddit users determined that the woman in the family likely knows exactly what she’s talking about if she was indeed born into the Kingston family.

As you watched Sister Wives, did you think that Janelle and Christine Brown had more of a spousal dynamic? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

The former sister-wives have an unbreakable bond

Christine Brown left the family, but it seems like Janelle plans to stay for now. But even so, the women remain incredibly close. In interviews, Christine’s son Paedon even admitted that he has a strong relationship with Janelle too. They may no longer be sister-wives, but they are still incredibly close and bonded.

They both frequently make appearances on each other’s Instagram pages, but that’s not all. According to the women’s social media posts, they even spent the Easter holidays together. And that, Janelle made an appearance at Christine’s fun murder mystery-themed birthday party. No matter what happens, it seems like these two women have bonded for life.

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