Janelle & Christine Brown Spend Easter Together

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Janelle and Christine Brown have made it no secret that they have a deep friendship. Despite Christine’s exit from the family, the two women have made an effort to keep their relationship alive and well. Furthermore, they are keeping some traditions going by spending holidays as a family. It appears the ladies came together for Easter and it got a bit messy.

Janelle And Christine’s Tight Bond

When Christine joined the Brown family in 1994, it was not the smoothest adjustment. First wife Meri had some tension with second wife Janelle. She married Kody three years after Meri and the two seemingly butted heads. Meri has admitted there was some jealousy that was unexpected. Though she and Kody knew they would take on sister wives, she had no idea what it would actually be like to take a new woman into their family. Then Christine entered and Meri further admitted her jealousy became much worse. It was interesting because, to Kody, Christine was a breath of fresh air. She was able to balance everyone out and somehow, it all came together.┬áIn Janelle’s eyes, she looked at Christine as a princess but they soon developed a system.

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Christine was the homemaker so she was able to manage and keep the home. This offered Janelle the chance to work as many hours as she wanted since she preferred to be out of the home and have the kids raised and dinners cooked. An issue they faced was getting together when they lived in the one home in Utah. Since Meri was very private about her space, Janelle has to go outside and down the stairs to visit Christine. As time went on and they moved twice, the bond between them tightened. By Flagstaff and the pandemic grew, the two started to rely even more on each other based on Kody’s crazy protocols. The question was if they could maintain a sisterhood after Christine left the family.

Celebrating Holidays And Life Together

When the pandemic hit, Kody was adamant that the wives and children be extremely cautious. Yet, Janelle and Christine Brown admitted to getting together without Kody knowing. When Kody was scrutinizing Janelle and Christine for being socially irresponsible, Janelle’s son Gabriel stepped in. He reminded him that it was hardest for Christine to be away from the kids simply because she raised most of them. Still, Kody did not understand this at all. For Thanksgiving 2020 both women chose to spend the holiday in Utah and now, they spent Easter 2022 together. This comes on the heels of enjoying a week in Disney for a wellness retreat. They brought their kids along and had a lovely time.

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While coloring eggs, Janelle shared a photo of the project they had created. One follower made a comment about how she had made a mess. That was when Janelle shared what Christine did to clean up all the staining that may have occurred. “Christine used 2 parts Hydrogen peroxide and 1 part Dawn to take it off her counters,” Janelle replied. It appears she came to Utah to spend the holiday which is so sweet. Hopefully, they can continue to spend many more holidays together bonding and having messy fun.

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  1. there is usually a mess when dying easter eggs with kids. some people have nothing better to do than complain and critisize other.

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