Val Chmerkovskiy & Jenna Johnson’s Son Had Medical Emergency

Jenna Johnson, Rome Chmerkovskiy, and Val Chmerkovskiy from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pro Jenna Johnson publicly shared that her son Rome had another medical emergency.

This isn’t the first time Jenna and her husband Val Chmerkovskiy shared the little boy had been ill. However, the couple alarmed fans when Jenna shared photos of Rome inside an ambulance.

What exactly is going on with their baby son?

Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy Reveal Their Son Is ‘Insanely Sick’

All babies get sick from time to time. However, Dancing With The Stars fans have been incredibly concerned about Rome Chmerkovksiy lately. In photos, he’s all-smiles. But it’s possible he might have chronic health issues.

Jenna Johnson, Rome Chmerkovskiy, and Val Chmerkovskiy from Instagram
Jenna Johnson/Instagram

A few months ago, Jenna Johnson publicly shared that Rome had been dealing with a virus.

โ€œLittle bit of a rough 24 hours over here. Rome came down with a virus and has been a very sad and snuggly baby,โ€ the 30-year-old dancer shared on Instagram at the time. โ€œ102.6 fever + hurting tummy. Went to the pediatrician today. Snuggled a lot. But daddy came home from his work trip and seemed to make the day a whole lot brighter!โ€

Rome’s condition seemed to improve in the following days and weeks. Just yesterday, Jenna shared a sweet video of Val playing the guitar for the baby outside.

Sadly, it seems Rome isn’t feeling well again.

This evening, Jenna shared on her Instagram stories that her little family had a rough night last night. In the photo, Rome sits between his parents in bed. Val and Jenna look incredibly tired. In the subsequent photos, Rome is in an ambulance with paramedics.

Val Chmerkovskiy, Rome Chmerkovskiy, and the paramedics from Jenna Johnson's Instagram
Jenna Johnson/Instagram

“This would be our son. So insanely sick but flirting with the beautiful paramedic helping him,” Jenna wrote on the last image.

She didn’t elaborate and say what specifically happened to Rome. But it’s entirely possible he still wasn’t feeling well from his previous stomach bug.

Val Chmerkovskiy Shared His Big Win With His Son

Rome Chmerkovskiy was born on January 10, 2023, making him just shy of 14 months old. His parents enjoyed celebrating several “firsts” with him over the past year, including his first Christmas in December.

His father Val Chmerkovskiy won Dancing With The Stars last fall. And of course, Val couldn’t wait to share the trophy with his inspiration, baby Rome.


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Fans hope that Rome Chmerkovskiy’s health issues clear up soon and look forward to seeing more happy family outings on Val and Jenna’s Instagram pages.

What do you think could be going on with baby Rome? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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