‘Bold And The Beautiful’: Sheila Carter Going Down Fast & Furious

Tense scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful show a nervous Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) as Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) memory comes back. It’s cringe-worthy to watch Sheila lurk around Steffy and the hospital. While she didn’t intend on murdering her own son, there’s simply no redemption. The Forresters are tolerating her, unaware of her involvement with what happened the night Steffy and John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) were shot.

Sheila’s role has limited appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful

The character of Sheila Carter is on The Bold and the Beautiful for about the same limited time each return. Brown returns to the show for loaded story lines — perhaps no more than she being Finn’s biological mother. The truth bomb came out just before Steffy and Finn’s wedding last August. Counting back, that’s over six months ago. So, when will Sheila get busted for her part in the fatal robbery?

Executive Producer/Head Writer, Bradley Bell, spills that Sheila Carter could be soon off the canvas. He recently told Soap Opera Digest, as reported by She Knows, that Sheila will “pay for her atrocities” in May. The Bold and the Beautiful producer emphasizes that Steffy will remember Sheila’s part in the shooting. At that point, Steffy will “call her out” for it.

Sheila and Steffy set to have “big confrontation”

Bell explains that there’s a “big confrontation” to come between Sheila and Steffy before it’s all said and done. The Bold and the Beautiful is set to have a “big moment” when the epic showdown occurs. Bell continues that the villainess will think she’s “gotten away with this, but she hasn’t.” Apparently, Sheila has the shock of her life when Steffy recalls the entire tragedy.

Steffy has guts … or maybe she’s just a little crazy herself. Anyone with knowledge of Sheila’s dangerous antics wouldn’t attempt to provoke her. Yet, Steffy was unafraid to blast her in a dark alley before Sheila unleashed her fury. A move like that doesn’t typically bode well for the lesser evil. Poor Steffy may even blame herself eventually for the demise of her own husband.

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Kimberlin Brown teases contract tidbits

Kimberlin Brown teased on Instagram in mid-April that she doesn’t see how Sheila will stick around on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, she mentioned she signed a “long-term deal,”  but the show has options. They can let a character go after three-to-six months. When a fan asked Brown if she’s still filming, she hesitated. Due to the show’s contract, disclosing certain details are prohibited. Given that, it’s hard to surmise if she’s currently taping on The Bold and the Beautiful. If Bradley Bell’s comments are accurate, it’s likely Brown is on her way out until next time. Her scheme against Brooke by switching wine bottle labels and now Finn’s death … it’s time for her comeuppance.

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