‘The Bold & The Beautiful’: A Sheila, Justin Team Up Would Be Genius

As The Bold and the Beautiful focuses on the Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) kissing Santa Claus plot, why not have fun with another possible twist on the show? What’s better than one villain on a daytime drama? Two, of course.  Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is the obvious one, but there’s another currently MIA — Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears).

A novel story line for The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s all about to go down with Brooke and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) with the latest story line. The cat is out of the bag now that Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) has blabbed that he saw Grandma Brooke kissing Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) wearing a Santa Claus hat. In the meantime, Sheila’s trying to figure out if her most evil plan worked in getting Brooke to drink again.

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Would Justin be interested in working with Sheila at some point? He probably wouldn’t be onboard when it comes to hurting his boss, Ridge. What about a different angle — such as getting the goods on Deacon for Ridge? Sheila isn’t enemies with Deacon, but don’t count on her helping him, either. The conniving woman knows Deacon wasn’t behind Brooke falling off the wagon on New Year’s Eve but, she wouldn’t blink at making him collateral damage. Besides, it’s all part of having a sinister side.

What if The Bold and the Beautiful has Ridge give Justin another job and it involved something with Deacon? For starters, Justin would run into Sheila at the frequented bar and restaurant, ll Giardino. She’s often spotted there being all up in Deacon’s business while he works. The face-to-face meeting would take off from there. They’d have a brief conversation before Sheila would see an opportunity. She’d successfully convince Justin to partner with her on whatever scheme she wants to concoct. It would be even more interesting if Justin did it for kicks to trick Sheila and wow his boss further. It may even score him more investigative work. He has a knack for it.

How a Sheila and Justin run would be genius

Both Sheila and Justin are bitter individuals who feel they’ve been left out in the cold. Justin had it out for his former boss, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), when he didn’t take on more responsibility at Spencer Publications. His dark side was on display when he kidnapped Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and held him in the dungeons of Spencer’s high rise. As for Sheila, well her record speaks for itself. She’s especially desperate since being ostracized from the Forrester orbit. Not seeing her son and grandson has only added to her obsession. Has anyone considered these two pairing up to get what they want?

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Trickery galore in a Sheila and Justin story line

Although Justin seems content as an inside Forrester spy when called upon, his efforts would be amplified if paired with Sheila on The Bold and the Beautiful. What’s more, the plot would thicken if Justin discovers Sheila switched the wine labels on Brooke’s non-alcoholic bottle. Sheila may leave a hint of evidence in her words or her actions that Justin picks up on. Of course, he wouldn’t let her in on the fact he put the pieces of the puzzle together. It could be one of those twists where two baddies working together mean one will get burned by the other. Using each other is a common thread among villains.

Would you like to see Justin and Sheila team up for a major plot line on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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