Is Meri Brown The Abusive Manipulative Wife Or Misunderstood?


Meri Brown has had the same storyline on Sister Wives for the past few seasons. She is desperate for a small morsel of attention from her husband, Kody Brown. Yet he has pushed back so much that fans look at her as desperate and pathetic. She also has somewhat of a tainted past with her sister wives and their children, it is hard to find sympathy. Now torn, viewers are wondering if Meri is abusive and manipulative or simply misunderstood.

The Upside Down World Of Meri Brown

Meri thought she had found pure love when she married Kody Brown in 1990. They had a beautiful wedding but always knew they would take on more wives. She had grown up in a polygamous family, something Kody explored in his later teens. Their second wife ended up being Meri’s former sister-in-law, Janelle. She had been married to Meri’s brother, Adam but they divorced after Kody and Meri married. Janelle did not grow up in the lifestyle but was intrigued by the Browns and knew she wanted to be a part of their family. She married Kody in 1993 with Christine joining the following year.


Meri admitted she struggled with jealousy the moment they began taking on new wives. Furthermore, she struggled with fertility only being able to give Kody one child. Along with Kody, she also filed for bankruptcy in 2005 so there was a lot to unpack being the only legal wife. In 2010, the series started and all their secrets (the ones they wanted to share) were made public. Fourth wife Robyn joined the family that same year and four years later, Meri filed for divorce. It was then she got catfished simply seeking solace on the internet. She tried to get back with her family but nothing was truly ever the same. Her marriage was nothing but a friendship she could never leave.

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

It has been no secret that Meri Brown has clashed with some of her “kids” such as Maddie and even Paedon. She and Janelle even sought therapy for their communication issues. At one point during the 2020 pandemic, Meri felt so alone, she claimed none of the wives or even Kody would know if she fell ill. This was refuted by Janelle who said she would always be there for her. Yet Season 16 painted such a desperate picture of Meri who knew Kody was over her. Still, she was a giddy schoolgirl every time he gave her a drop of attention. Redditors recently asked who the least favorite sister wife was and immediately just put Meri as the answer.


Here’s the reasoning:

  • “Because she’s been manipulative. She’s indecisive. She takes no responsibility for her own actions (and I’m not even referring to the catfish situation). She creates drama over nothing (example the “I was unwelcome at Maddy giving birth” bs.) As if the world revolves around her. If it was important enough to her she would have called. If it wasn’t all about her then she would never have made a fuss.
  • “Because Meri continuously wallows in self-pity. Episode after episode, year after year.”

  • “Meri is incredibly selfish and she is the mean wife.”

  • “I understand abusive relationships and see them for what they are. Meri was abusing the children under her care because Kody gave her that power. Christine, although good for her for leaving went into marriage with Kody even when he showed no signs of even liking her.”

It seems fans are leaning towards manipulative but remember that TLC only shows a fraction of reality. Do you agree with these statements about her or are they out of line? Let us know.

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