The Glaring Reason Meri Brown Has Issues With Janelle?


Meri Brown and Janelle have had issues since day one. They have even gone to therapy to try to attempt to communicate better. Yet is there an underlying reason why the two women have struggled to get along?

Meri Brown Was Wife Number One With Issues

When Sister Wives began in 2010, Meri seemed to get along quite well with her original wives, Janelle and Christine. They lived under one roof with their twelve children and were well-oiled machines. Christine maintained the home and took care of the children. She had dinner on the table while Janelle preferred to work all day. As for Meri, she had just lost her job due to her now-public lifestyle. It appeared she was in school and tried to integrate herself within the home. She was also responsible for finding wife number four, Robyn who was going to fix the family. They had not taken one on in sixteen years so this seemed to be the polygamist fix.

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As time went on, she grew close to Robyn while Janelle and Christine maintained their bond. In later episodes, it was revealed that Meri actually had serious jealousy issues toward her initial sister wives. When Janelle entered the family, she did not know how to handle sharing her husband. This only intensified when Christine married Kody. She lost her spot as his only legal wife in 2014 when the two divorced for the sake of Robyn’s children. A few years later, Janelle and Meri’s rift grew so deep that the two entered therapy together.


According to People, Janelle felt Meri was not listening to her when she spoke. “When I want to talk about something and you just shut down, I just think that you’re not interested in what I have to say or you’re not paying attention to me, because you just sit there.” Meri did agree with what Janelle had to say and admitted she does check out in serious conversations. This was after Meri’s catfishing incident that threatened to ruin the family. Yet was there more to their story?

The Real Cause Of The Divide

Followers of the Brown family know that they are very intertwined. Prior to Janelle marrying Kody, she was married to Meri Brown’s brother, Adam. That was how she knew Meri and Kody and ultimately felt they were a good fit for her life. She divorced him shortly after Kody wed Meri in 1990. He has been a mainstay in Meri’s life so fans have started wondering if he is the reason why the two sister wives have failed to get along. A Reddit thread was started to discuss this and the points are all very valid. “I know everyone loves to hate Meri, but can you imagine your sister-in-law divorcing your brother and marrying your husband? This whole situation is completely screwed up, so it’s not surprising that Meri came out of it with issues,” one commented.


Another added: “What’s even more weird to me is Janelle has stated how close she is/was to Meri’s parents and that’s who helped her realize she wanted to live plural marriage. Like she made it seem like they encouraged her to pursue Kody which seems very odd to me when she was married to their son.” Others noted how Kody’s father was also married to Janelle’s mother until he passed away as she was his second wife when he chose polygamy. This is a lot to unpack and was never really addressed formally on the show.

Do you think the issues stem from Janelle being Meri’s sister-in-law? Let us know in the comments.

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