Why Meri Brown Accused Of Being Just Like Robyn, Is She?

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Meri Brown and her sister wife, Robyn have seemingly always clicked in their own way. It does not hurt that Meri was the one who recruited Robyn into the family. So, is Meri more like Robyn than maybe she’d like to admit?

Meri Brown The Recruiter

When it comes to the Brown wives, Meri has a connection to almost every one of them. She originally married Kody Brown in 1990 and they were very much in love. At the time, Janelle was actually already in her life as she was Meri’s brother’s wife. Unfortunately, the two ended up getting divorced so Janelle was free to explore her options. Though not raised in polygamy, she knew the Browns were a couple she wanted to pursue. In 1993, she spiritually married Kody, and the following year, their friend, Christine joined the family as wife number three. The family did its best to work together and function, get through their jealousy issues, and balance one another out. It took sixteen years and Kody began to feel an itch.

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That was when the wives knew it was time for him to take on another wife. Yes, they had briefly searched before but nothing came to fruition. Finally, while out at an event, Meri saw Robyn and told Kody to ask her to dance. He was a smitten kitten from there. Luckily, she was sweet enough to get along with the kids and the other wives. It was rough because she did break some courting rules but did end up becoming wife number four. Her bond with Meri became very tight and Robyn offered to be the surrogate for her sister wife when she struggled to conceive. Furthermore, Meri divorced Kody so Robyn could marry him for her kids. They sacrificed for one another but has Meri become too much like Robyn?

Morphing Into The Other?

During Season 16 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown was on a rotation with his wives’ homes for pandemic safety measures. The only home he was not really visiting was Meri’s. By then, their marriage had dissipated to just a friendship. Yet she and Robyn were the only two who were keeping to his strict protocols. Meri was acting so desperate to be in his company, she was literally taking any crumb she could get from him. According to Screen Rant, that was the season where she became so unrelatable to fans of the show. Fans believe she sticks around just to play the victim whereas Robyn could never leave when she is so beloved and adored by Kody.

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Meri has since been likened to Robyn as fans think she fakes her emotions. This is a big thing for Robyn who is known to cry at the drop of a hat to get what she wants. On the show, Meri seems so torn and perplexed yet on social media, she is living her best life. She is off traveling and having the best time running her two businesses. However, in the series, she is playing up the victim mentality. Fans are waiting to see how she reacts to life post-Christine. Then they will further evaluate the situation.

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