Amy Halterman: Baby #2’s Birthday Revealed

Amy Halterman from TLC

If you’re a big 1000-Lb. Sisters fan, you’re probably sitting by and waiting to hear more about Amy Halterman’s second child. Since she broke the news about her pregnancy, fans have been so eager to devour the latest news.

The baby won’t be here until this summer, but Amy Halterman did confirm that she scheduled a C-section this time. In other words, she got to choose her baby boy’s birthday.

Keep reading to see when we might expect the little bundle of joy to make his grand appearance.

Amy Halterman got to choose her baby son’s birthday

Amy Halterman frequently keeps fans updated about her pregnancy on her Instagram page. And according to one of her most recent posts, the baby is about the size of an eggplant right now. She’s also happy to respond to fans’ questions, which is how we know the day her new baby will be here.

Amy Halterman from TLC
Amy Halterman/TLC

In the comments, one fan wanted to know when Amy’s due date was. Amy replied that her due date is actually July 18, but she scheduled a C-section so she will be giving birth a little sooner than that.

The C-section is currently scheduled for July 5, which means the new Halterman baby will be here on that day. You can see the exchange here:

Amy Halterman/Instagram

Choosing your child’s birthday must come with a lot of strong emotions. However, it seems like Amy Halterman is staying cool and collected for the time being.

We know she and her husband Michael are excited to welcome their second son into the world. Their older son Gage isn’t quite two years old yet, but fans are also excited to see how he will respond to being an older brother.

Amy posts frequently about her ongoing pregnancy, so make sure to check back with us soon for more information. We’re sure we will have something to share with you.

The Haltermans buckle down and wait for the baby to arrive

Right now, we know that Amy is in her third trimester. We’re closing out the month of April and July 5 really isn’t that far away. In addition to the birth of their second son, Michael and Amy Halterman really have a lot to celebrate this year.

As we previously noted, Gage will be two years old this fall. He’s growing and learning every day. Amy revealed that this Easter, he was finally old enough to participate in an egg hunt. She posted a video on her YouTube channel and it was absolutely adorable.

We can hardly wait until Amy gives birth this summer! For more on the Halterman family, make sure to follow us online. We’ll be here to fill you in when Amy Halterman gives any more details about her pregnancy and new baby.

Stay tuned for more!

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