Amy Halterman Shares Third Trimester Baby Update

Amy Halterman from TLC

Amy Halterman’s new baby won’t be here until this summer. However, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans eagerly follow her on social media, hungry for any new information.

The TLC star happily shares updates with her fans on her Instagram page. So far, it really seems like the pregnancy is going smoothly. But what’s Amy experiencing now that she’s in her third trimester?

Keep reading to hear about her latest update.

Amy Halterman shares her baby’s growth with her social media followers

Until the new baby gets here, life in the Halterman house is pretty normal. Amy and Michael’s older son, Gage, will be two years old this fall and is growing and exploring every day. Fans are really excited to see how he will react to being an older brother.

Amy Halterman/TLC

In previous updates, Amy Halterman revealed that she and her husband Michael hadn’t quite decided on a baby name yet. But they did know they wanted to keep it horror-themed to match Gage. We might not know the baby’s name until he arrives, but Amy is happy to share about other baby updates on Instagram.

“28 week!!! 3 trimester omg this boy will be here before i know it…” Amy shared in an Instagram post. She also revealed that her unborn baby is about the size of an eggplant at the moment. According to Amy’s pregnancy app, her baby’s brain is also developing and he’s developing more nerve points.

So far, all signs indicate that Amy’s pregnancy is progressing normally. Gage is a really happy, healthy baby and fans hope that the new baby will be just the same.

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Gage Halterman had a brand new experience this spring

While we wait for the new baby to arrive, we can still keep up with Amy and watch little Gage grow up before our eyes. This Easter, Gage was finally old enough to participate in an egg hunt. The TLC star posted an adorable video on her YouTube channel of Gage toddling around the yard, looking for eggs.

He doesn’t quite seem to understand the purpose of the egg hunt and frequently needs his parents’ guidance and directions. But it’s a really cute video to watch. Just imagine how sweet it will be in a few years when both of Amy’s sons are old enough to go on Easter egg hunts.

You can check it out for yourself here:

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