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How Did Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Ditch Their Kids In Hawaii?

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Jeremy & Audrey Roloff are on a family vacation in Hawaii. How did they manage to ditch their kids for time alone? Keep reading for all the details.

Former LPBW stars go on a luxurious family vacation

A Hawaiin vacation is on almost everyone’s bucket list. LPBW alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are living out the dream… with their three young kids in tow.

The couple jetted off to Hawaii, along with Ember, 4, Bode, 2, and f son Radley, 5 months. The trip was courtesy of Audrey Roloff’s high-level status with the Young Living essential oils company.

Apparently, she earned the vacation by selling massive amounts of essential oils. In fact, she previously said on social media that she was invited to other retreats but couldn’t go.

During the company retreat, there were some events that weren’t exactly kid-friendly. How did the couple manage to ditch their kids?

A man and a woman with their three kids
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and family/Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

How did Jeremy & Audrey Roloff ditch their kids in Hawaii?

Traveling with three kids under the age of five is no easy feat. However, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff lucked out by having friends who live in Hawaii.

Audrey Roloff shared her secret on her Instagram Stories. “We have some friends who live on the island and they let us borrow their babysitter,” she wrote. She likely wasn’t talking about the friends Jeremy made at the retreat.

She was able to enjoy two kid-free evenings while in The Aloha State.

In the accompanying photo, Audrey and Jeremy pose together on the beach, drinks in hand.

A woman and a man on the beach
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff/Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

Who usually watches the kids for their weekly date nights?

Date nights are a regular activity for the LPBW couple. They try to have one date night a week. When they’re home in Oregon, who watches the kids on date nights?

Their date nights usually include a third wheel – baby Radley. The five-month-old often accompanies his parents instead of staying home with the babysitter. Furthermore, Audrey seems to bring Radley with her even on solo nights out with friends.

Jeremy’s mom, Amy Roloff, usually watches Bode and Ember.

Does it surprise you that Jeremy & Audrey Roloff found a way to ditch their kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the Season 23 premiere of Little People, Big World. The popular reality show returns to TLC on Tuesday, May 17.

As viewers know, Jeremy and his family left the show a few years ago. Even with Jeremy and Audrey’s absence, the trailer promises a lot of family drama and tension.

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