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Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Pricey Vacation, How Is It Possible?

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Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey jetted off to Hawaii recently with all three of their children under the age of four. With neither parent appearing to have a job outside of the home and Jeremy Roloff not getting a reality TV paycheck like his brother Zach, LPBW fans wonder how the family managed to pay for this tropical getaway. Fortunately, Audrey Roloff was pretty quick to answer this question via her Instagram Stories.

Turns out, the family could do a lot of traveling on someone else’s dime if they wanted to. Audrey Roloff admitted that normally their schedule is just too busy for a big vacation that requires some serious traveling. So, it was extra special to get to take their children and go on this tropical excursion.

Audrey Roloff vacation Instagram

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy won this trip

Turns out, Audrey Roloff does pretty well for herself selling Young Living essential oils. She does so well that she’s actually won several completely free vacations. As those who follow Sister Wives know, Meri Brown is constantly traveling around the world thanks to her success with LuLaRoe. Because Audrey and Jeremy have so many small children, fans assume it is a bit more difficult for them to jet off to various vacation destinations. So, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were thrilled when they were able to work out the details to go on this trip.

Extending the trip on their own dime

Audrey Roloff jumped on Instagram Stories to explain that they were currently staying in a small hotel room paid for by the company. They, however, would be moving to an AirBnB after the Young Living portion of the trip was over. Audrey also revealed on Instagram how chaotic it was to stay in a small hotel room with five people (especially when they have three children under four). They, however, were making the best of the free portion of the trip.

Again, fans wonder how they’ll pay for the rest of the trip on their own dime.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff 2022 net worth

As we reported last year, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had an estimated net worth of $700,000 last year. Fans can only assume their 2022 net worth is a little closer to $1 million. According to Audrey’s Instagram profile, she is currently a diamond ranking with Young Living. Their income breakdown on their website reveals that she could be making anywhere from $100,000 to $350,000 a year at this level.

Despite not appearing to have jobs that require them to leave the house, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff do pretty well for themselves thanks to their social media followings.

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