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Danielle Busby’s Detailed Health Update: Struggling Mentally & Physically

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Danielle Busby gave OutDaughtered fans the detailed health update they’ve been waiting for. Sadly, her detailed update on her health revealed that she’s been struggling both mentally and physically. What details did the TLC personality share about her health? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Danielle Busby gives detailed health update

The OutDaughtered mother kicked off the week by giving fans a detailed health update via her Instagram Stories. She kicked off her update by admitting she knew she hadn’t really said much about her health after the previous season of the show concluded. Fans have been begging for answers. Most of them admit they know they aren’t entitled to the details, but they want to know out of concern for her and her family.

There, however, were some less supportive fans that actually accused Danielle of faking the health issues for a plotline last season. Her very supportive husband Adam, however, has gone to war with more than a few people making these accusations on Instagram and Facebook.

Danielle Busby - Youtube
Danielle Busby – Youtube

So, how is the OutDaughtered mother doing?

Danielle Busby tells her followers the biggest reason she hasn’t shared much about her health is because it has “been a long journey” to find the answers. She, however, is finally reaching a place where she has a clearer understanding of what is going on with her body. Danielle promises fans she’s working on compiling everything she needs to give a better update on her health and what is going on with her.

I really do feel like there are a lot of you who have reached out that related struggles and I hope to be able to give guidance with what I have learned on this journey.”

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Danielle proceeded to elaborate on some of her current struggles. She’s discovered she has an autoimmune disorder. She is suffering from a lot of physical pain. Sadly, the issues with her health have also weighed on her mind causing her to struggle there as well.

I’ve needed space to wrap my mind around how my body is different now, how to navigate the struggles and still be me… to find ‘me’ again in this different phase. It’s taken time and time calls me to be patient, which I struggle to have.”

She concluded her lengthy update on her health by telling her followers thank you for the continued prayers and supportive messages she has received.

Danielle Busby

Are you one of the OutDaughtered fans that have hoped for an update of some sort on Danielle Busby’s health? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Busby news.


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  1. Still praying for you and the family, stay strong as God has the answers. I also have a rare autoimmunity disorder that I have to try to deal with as it’s reaping havoc on my body and I’m in stage 4 with it. Love your kids and Adam, let him walk this walk with you and you will get through this. Can’t wait to see the new season and Daniel it will get better. God Bless you and the family, you got this girl always remember God will never give you more than you can handle. Remember to find time for you, and this to shall pass. I know you just thought really, but it will get better. Take care, much love and Gods Blessings, Teri

    1. I am praying for Danielle and family. I hope she knows people really do care about her and her family. I love her and her family and wish them the best.

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