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‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Shares Blayke’s Infectious Trait

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Danielle Busby called fans attention to something absolutely intoxicating about her eldest daughter Blayke. What was it? Keep reading for the details.

OutDaughtered family settles in for the evening

Danielle Busby revealed the girls settled in to watch Lion King last night. Turns out, most of the girls didn’t make it very long. As the OutDaughtered mom panned the room, just Riley was still awake. Danielle revealed that she got some cuddles in with RiRi while they enjoyed the movie together. Presumably, after Riley Busby joined the quints in falling asleep, Danielle moved to another room with her oldest daughter Blayke.

Danielle Busby - Blayke Busby Youtube

Danielle Busby dotes on her Blayke’s precious laugh

The OutDaughtered mother revealed that she and Blayke were ending the day by watching some funny videos together. Danielle Busby doted on her precious daughter noting it didn’t seem to matter how old Blayke Busby became…. She had the most intoxicating laugh. A giggle that could warm even the coldest heart.

Her Instagram Stories update did include a short video. She drew a white arrow over Blayke’s head so fans knew where to look in the dark room. She was curled up on the couch watching funny videos with her mother. Then, fans got to hear that sweet laugh Blayke’s mother couldn’t stop gushing about.

Fans love seeing Blayke Busby get one-on-one time

OutDaughtered fans have always been pretty open when it comes to concerns about the Busby girls. One big concern has always been favoritism. Some fans fear the quints are just so much work that Blayke doesn’t get enough attention from her parents. Adam and Danielle, however, seize every opportunity available to score one-on-one time with their daughters. This can include something as simple as pulling them out of school for a medical appointment and taking them out to eat afterwards.

Outdaughtered Blayke Busby - Quints- Instagram
Outdaughtered Blayke Busby – Quints- Instagram

These days, fans are in awe of how much Blayke Busby has grown. She constantly demonstrates how incredible she is as a big sister to the quints. Likewise, fans believe she continues to look more and more like her mother Danielle with every day that passes.

Do you agree that Blayke Busby has the sweetest laugh? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Busby news.

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