Audrey Roloff Blasted By Fans, ‘No Idea’ What Hard Work Really Is

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Little People, Big World fans know Audrey and Jeremy Roloff jetted off to Hawaii for their children. Fans wondered how the family could afford such an expensive trip with three children tagging along when neither parent seemed to have a real job. Audrey Roloff inadvertently addressed the questions when she explained they won the trip via Young Living. She boasted that she often wins vacations, but this is the first time the stars aligned and they were able to go.

The mother-of-three added that she and Jeremy did decide to expand the trip beyond the free company portion. So, they would also be staying at a few AirBnBs.

Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Stories again recently to share a family photo. She praised the company for giving her the opportunity to go on this trip. Audrey talked about all of the hard work she and Jeremy have put in to get to where they are right now.

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LPBW fans crucify Audrey Roloff’s claims of hard work

On RedditLPBW fans are having a field day with the fact that Audrey Roloff claimed she and Jeremy put in a lot of hard work to get to the diamond level that allowed her to win this free trip. Fans were quick to point out that her success with Young Living has nothing to do with hard work. Audrey married into a reality TV family. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram BECAUSE of that reality TV following. Many fans noted Audrey really should thank Matt, Amy, and her husband Jeremy for her success.

LPBW Fans: Audrey Roloff Should Be Ashamed, Why? [Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram[
[Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram]
“Whatever happened to her college degree? Good thing she married J, without LPBW she would just be another washed up collegiate runner working a 9-5,” one fan pointed out.

Another fan penned referring to her claims of her successful small business: “An MLM is not your own small business.”

“Can anyone be this successful in an MLM without having some prior celebrity status in some way? I can’t imagine the stay at home mom that wanted to make a little extra income ever making it to this level.” A third wondered.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram

A lot of reality celebrities profit from MLMs

On the Reddit thread, fans took a major issue with her admitting MLMs were cringe while also being “ok” with it. LPBW pointed out MLMs were extremely common for celebrities (especially reality TV personalities).

Do you think Audrey Roloff worked as hard as she claimed to? Or, do you think fans are in the right with their frustrations? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest LPBW news

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