Old ‘SW’ Clip Reminds Fans Why Janelle Brown Is A Rockstar


Janelle Brown has always been a strong woman. Yet it was the way that she stood up to her husband, Kody in Season 16 that further solidified this. Now, in a resurfaced Sister Wives clip, fans are seeing that Janelle always had a way of showing what a true rockstar she is. It was not just to Kody but also to her sister wives no matter the situation.

Janelle Brown Stands Her Ground

Being the second wife meant you were the wedge or that was how third wife Christine saw it. Christine never wanted to be a first wife as she never wanted to be alone with a man. As for being a second wife, she felt that was the wedge. This was the position that Janelle took on after she divorced her first husband. Meri and Kody had wed in 1990 but always knew that they would take on more wives. She was taken with Kody and the idea of polygamy so it was easy to join them which she did in 1993.


When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Janelle was known as the worker wife. Third wife Christine was the one who took care of the children and ensured dinner was on the table. They had a great balance and were both extremely dedicated to their positions in the family. Yet as time went on and they left Utah and their single-family home, things started to change. Janelle did not have to be in an office as much and found success in MLMs as did Christine. They worked together in different ways and both felt the same once they moved to Flagstaff.


When the pandemic hit and Kody enforced his pandemic protocols, he felt they were both being lax and disobedient. However, Janelle stood up for her beliefs and her children. She was not going to let Kody control what her kids did, especially when he wanted to evict them from the house. More so, she did not like how he was acting like she was being super irresponsible when she was following the CDC guidelines. She let him know her kids came first and cursed at him proving just how cool she was.

Always A Rockstar Sister Wife

Viewers really got to see the mama bear in Janelle Brown the last few seasons. She was not about to take anything from Kody that was unnecessary. She stood up for herself and her family and it suited her quite well. More than that, after Christine left the family, the two have kept a super close bond. Now, a clip from a few seasons ago has been posted on Reddit showing that in the middle of a crisis storm, Janelle was right there. Meri had to rush and pack as there was a wildfire coming near her home. Janelle is there helping her pack while Meri is panicking but all her sister wife can do is attempt to calm her. No matter what they have been through, Janelle is her rock.


“I just want to recognize Janelle trying to connect with and reassure her, despite their history of conflict,” one Redditor noted. Another added: “Jenelle is a real amazing person! She’s not perfect for sure but moments like these show she really does care about Meri in spite of their history.” Keep in mind that Janelle was the main sister wife to say she would always be there if Meri ever got sick and felt alone. This was something Meri questioned during the pandemic as she believed she could get Covid and no one would know.

Do you think Janelle is a true MVP when it comes to sister wives? Let us know in the comments.

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